Something {Red, White, and} Blue

In honor of the country's birthday today (and one of my favorite holidays!), I wanted to share some 4th of July-inspired weddings. I'm not doing a 4th of July theme, but after looking at these pictures I am totally sold on the idea! Check out this inspirational shoot. I am loving the vintage, all-American vibe.

Source and more from the shoot

Here's another 4th-themed shoot. This one isn't a wedding, but it has all the adorable details of one.


More Independence Day inspiration...




Wishing you all a happy 4th of July!

Lifting the Veil

As I haven’t found a dress yet (but did go shopping again – more on that to come), I am still a long way from choosing my veil. But on my recent dress shopping excursion, I noticed that every bridal shop employee, in what I assume is an attempt to seal the deal, puts a veil on your head as soon as you express even the slightest interest in a dress. Maybe seeing the entire package makes a bride-to-be more likely to commit? Hasn’t worked on me yet, but it did get me thinking about veils and what I like and don’t like. Out of the gate, my favorite veil is the mantilla. Technically, a mantilla is a lace veil worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb, popular with women in Spain. It's also often associated with devotional practices among Catholic women. However, in the bridal world, mantilla veils are circular-shaped and rest on top of the head. The outside edges of the veil are covered with lace that frames the face.

I think my 12 years of Catholic schooling might have influenced my preference here. I just think this is such a beautiful look! But it could be hard to wear this type of veil with certain dresses, specifically dresses with a competing lace pattern or a more modern dress.

Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I also love birdcage veils, mostly because they just seem incredibly less fussy than a traditional veil. But I also like that they immediately give off a vintage, sexy vibe – a bride with some spunk!

And if you want to go even more non-traditional…

Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If I don’t go with one of the above options, I'll likely pick a more traditional elbow or finger-tip length veil. I think the chapel and cathedral veils are stunning, but maybe a little too elaborate for me.

Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4

And of course there is the option of no veil at all. I’ve been to several outdoor ceremonies where the veil blows off and the bride ends up putting it aside, and she still looks just as beautiful and radiant. Plus they are not the cheapest accessory. Veils can run north of $300 at bridal boutiques. I’ll be scouring Etsy or even DIY options before making a purchase for sure.

Will you be wearing a veil on your wedding? Tell me about it!

Intimate Wedding Inspiration at Holman Ranch

Have I ever mentioned that Holman Ranch is one of my favorite places in the whole world? Just in case I haven't portrayed that enough, let me just say again that it really is the most beautiful place in the whole world.

Not too long ago I had the privilege of putting together something sweet at Holman Ranch just one more time. I have always loved the concept of having a wedding where everything from the centerpieces to the dessert table are hanging. It goes without saying that often times venues couldn't even do something like that, but under this fabulous trellis at Holman Ranch, I could put this idea of mine into existence.

Alongside Kaella Lynn Events, we put together an intimately simple affair perfect for the eloping couple. The always-fun, and always awesome Edyta of Edyta Szyszlo Photography captured this super sweet shoot in her signature style.

Take a look at what we put together at the always beautiful Holman Ranch. The view from this sweetheart table is nothing but rolling hills, trees and the sky. It doesn't get any better than that.


The Little White Dress (LWD)

In looking through my closet last night I realized that I don’t own a single little white dress (LWD). And that’s likely because a white dress is tough to buy. So tied to the tradition of getting married, white is not a color us ladies tend to gravitate toward when purchasing an ensemble for a special event. Unless you are the one getting married, you can’t really where white to a wedding without a lot of “What was she thinking” stares, which of course lessens the re-wear value of a dress. On top of that, it’s hard to look good in white this time of year when the short winter days prevent any kind of sun from touching your skin (even here in California!). Despite this, I decided that as a bride-to-be, and since I have several events leading up to my wedding, I really want to take advantage of this time to where lots of white! There’s really no other time that I can easily get away with wearing a color out of season (although I don’t exactly believe in that rule). And maybe purchasing a LWD well get me primed to actually pull the trigger on buying THE dress.

I will be having a traditional shower back East – likely an afternoon with a lot of ladies – and I think these white frocks will be perfect.

Credits: 1, 2, 3

I will also be having a Jack & Jill shower here in SF that likely will be held at night, so I think I can get away with something a little more cocktaily…

Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4

And then of course I will need a fun white dress for the bachelorette!

Credits: 1, 2, 3

And then maybe one more for the rehearsal dinner.

Credits: 1, 2, 3

Finally, to extend the bridal feeling just a bit, I’ll pack one more in my suitcase for the honeymoon.

Credits: 1, 2, 3

What about you? Did you go out and splurge on a white ensemble when you got engaged?

Tori Spelling’s Inspiring Event (Yellow, Gray and White!)

Today I am showing off a bit of inspiration from Tori Spelling & Dean Mcdermotts’s vow renewal ceremony. There were a few things about this event which really caught my eye! First of all, it is imperative to know that I am beyond obsessed with the Gray, White and Yellow color combo! Seeing this just made my day because when someone does this color combo well, it is just a non-stop love fest. First of all, I LOVE this photo area with a typewriter for all to express their love! :) There is a shed space at my venue which is really ugly. This would be a really good solution to covering up that wall, and it is such a great idea! Plus I would love to give people a chance to type something if they so wish.

Cutest favors ever! Just darling! I bought a few of these trays but with a zebra print bottom. I was going to place all the favors or the place cards in them which I feel would be a great touch. I know it will work because Tori Spelling already did it!

That sign they made is just darling! Ok, I'll stop giving you all the spoilers and let you take a look for yourself! Enjoy!

Source: Kiss the Groom

Florals To Start Your Day Off Right

To start out the day, I will show off a beautiful bouquet! Of course this photo by The Nichols is stunning in itself, but I'd like to focus your attention to that bouquet for just a moment. I want white, and I want pops of color! So doesn't that seem like the perfect balance of both?

However, here is another idea that I love....and it is pretty much the exact opposite! Bright colored bouquets! I think that is going to be my main problem when planning, it's hard to decide on just one theme! Whatever I do, those little yellow balls will be in my bouquets, I'm pretty much obsessed with those!

What are you looking at for your florals??? Anything particular that you are obsessed with??

Source: Wedding Bee

What are you looking at for your florals??? Anything particular that you are obsessed with?? Which should I go with, white with pops or lots of bold colors?

Gorgeous Engagement Shoot

The other day I said, "I have a major vendor crush right now and I am so giddy!" Well, this guy and his incredible work are the sources of my giddiness! Sometimes you come across incredibly artistic individuals who really get it. Aaron Shintako pushes what "photography" is made to be and he goes t that extra mile to capture the real emotion of the couple. He really communicates the love through his work. The composition of the photo is just gorgeous. I am saying all of this from a few e-mails, looking at his website and watching, yes watching, his amazing About Me video. Oh and first impression wise, he got me by playing my all time favorite artist on his website :) But these are all just first impressions until you really see what he can do!

Love the scene, the wine glasses, the dress-wow, I'm definitely in love with this shoot!

Definitely helps the photographer when you have an incredibly gorgeous couple like this!

This is just a beyond incredible engagement shoot! The colors, the angles, the everything, it doesn't get any more rich than this! Thanks to Aaron for letting me show off this incredible engagement shoot. He is definitely on my list of photographers I wish I could have!

Wedding Worthy Eye Candy

I am super excited about today's post! First of all, sorry it is incredibly late! I can't upload any photos to the blog at all :( and I am pretty lucky to get this post out as it is! Anyways, enough about that, and let me show off the source of my excitement!

Invitations to the party. Adorable

One of the most amazing dessert tables I have ever laid eyes on!

Source: P is for Party

The colors, the details, the pretty! I just can't get enough of this incredible party! Everything about this is perfect and adorable! The cake even matches the invitation. There is major eye candy to be taken from this, and so much great inspiration for your wedding day. I love every single part of this, down to the straws!

What is the occasion for such an incredible backdrop such as this?? A child's birthday party! Can you believe it? I don't think I have ever had a birthday party that even closely resembled this, but this two year old has "wedding worthy" eye candy for her second birthday! You better believe I am taking insane amount of inspiration from this which are going straight into my planning!

Newest Inspirations

Source: SMP, MSW, SMP With my venue pretty much in place, I am now starting to visualize an ACTUAL wedding, with actual decor in an actual space. This is quite an exciting part because I can start creating a space, and get into the details!

In one of the first posts I wrote, I disclosed my interesting wedding colors including a slight hint of zebra print! I have never found any zebra incorporated in a wedding until I saw that top photo on Style Me Pretty. The zebra fabric as part of the centerpiece is one of the things I was planning on doing. My centerpiece will be a lot different than that, but doesn't it look awesome with just a touch of zebra on the table??

As far as the favors, this is another thing I have always wanted to do-pie! In a nutshell, my grandma made some incredible apple pie. Every family get-together would include this apple pie of hers and it was always a family favorite (and every time it was highly requested.) Before she passed away I went over to her house and she taught me her techniques of the recipe and her little additions. I then sort of became the "pie person" at that point. I think it would be very cool if I made little pies as the favor for each guests in honor of my grandma :) (The downside-I am making all the pies! eeks) I would tie it with some baker's twine and a little personalized tag! Ador.

I want to do something really simple with the centerpieces, and those white flowers seem like a good idea! They have taken over as my favorite flower. But ranunculus is still pretty high on my list!

The first draft of the centerpieces are almost finalized. I am going to create a mock-up and then I will post those! How about you guys?? Any little details you are so excited about??

Fresh Color Palette

Source: SMP

I love this light color palette. Definitely all things I plan to incorporate into my wedding decor!

A white square wedding cake is just to die for.

Simple and white tablescapes with candles.

I love the AMAZING draped pearls on a simple BM dress. It would be fun if I could find antique pearls from antique stores, my grandmas jewelry collection, etc. to make it less expensive and a little more personal.

White pitchers with colored flowers is such a unique detail to add to the sign in and cake table, as well as other spots around the reception. I've been looking around for these hoping to scoop some up from garage sales, etc. After the wedding I am going to use the pitchers around the house as decor!

Keys! I love keys so much and I definitely want to figure out how to add them in the wedding decor. Problem is, I haven't been able to find more than one or two in my searches. I would love to use these for my table cards, but I need to find a lot to be able to do that!

    PS: Does anyone know what that flower is called with the black inside???