Summer Style Engagement Shoot by Kimberly Macdonald Photography

Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_cakenarrowshot_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_desserttablefront_low

From the photographer, Kimberly Macdonald Photography: I've been patiently (well thats a lie actually, Ive been very impatiently) waiting to share Valora & Kurtis’s styled engagement session because they’re just THAT darn cute! As a photographer, there’s this sense of overwhelming happiness when you know that the shots you are getting are amazing, and that feeling overwhelmed me for this entire shoot. Their images reflect who they are as a couple: sweet, playful, deeply in love, admiration for another, beautiful as individuals and as a couple, and fun.

Kurtis & Valora are getting married in the fall of this year and I just can not wait to capture their day! Both are extremely photogenic, such calm and happy demeanors, and honestly just a dream to photograph. Can you tell yet how much I adore them?

Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_desserttableside2_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1638copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1688copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1706copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1812copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1825_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1839copycropped_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1909_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG1952copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2153copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2166_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2302copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2303copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2438copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2444_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2450_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG2458_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_IMG4007copy_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_savethedate_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_sswsignage_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_strawberrycupcakeswsignage_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_strawberryshortcake3_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_sugarcookies_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_sweetsformysweet_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_trunk_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_wholetable_low Lomax_Woodward_Kimberly_Macdonald_Photography_wholetablewflowers_low

Photographer:  Kimberly Macdonald Photography //Floral Designer: Bella Vita Event Productions //Makeup Artist: Brittney Lee Artistry //Event Venue: Flying Cloud //Cake Designer:Occasional Cakes //Equipment Rentals:Pineapple Planet Productions

Beach Engagement Shoot by Camarie Photography

This lovely engagement shoot is so fun and romantic all at the same time. The beach lighting and sweet details make for a beautiful engagement session. Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG68161_low

From the Photographer, Camarie Photography:  Miyoko and Jason have such a natural love for one another! I enjoyed every second of working with them and am excited to photograph their wedding in May as well. They were referred to me through Rose Wade events at Brookside Equestrian Center, where I will be getting married at as well this Fall!

Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG68434_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG522131_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG523533_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG550537_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG691311_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG693712_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG699819_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG701920_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG712525_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG714626_low Kim_Williams_Camarie_Photography_IMG722127_low

Sushi Proposal Story by Jaye Kogut Photography


This is such a sweet little proposal story. Jaye Kogut Photography captured it beautifully. These photos definitely portray the raw emotion that is a proposal story. Read on, it is pretty darn cute!

From the photographer, Jaye Kogut Photography: Mark had asked me to document his proposal to his girlfriend, Kelly. He was so excited about doing this that he planned it down to the music the restaurant would play while they dined! Mark took Kelly to their favorite restaurant -a tiny sushi place in the heart of Belmar, New Jersey. The tables were adorned with flowers and the staff knew what Mark had up his sleeve! The wait staff had garnished a separate plate with rose shaped sushi and hearts with the words "Will you marry me?" on it. Mark got down on one knee in front of the entire restaurant and asked Kelly to marry him. Caught by complete surprise and a few tears, she said 'Yes!' No proposal would be complete with out a champagne toast!

Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294949_JKP_8336_lowSlattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294939_JKP_8316_low.jpg Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294946_JKP_8331_low Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294947_JKP_8333_low Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294953_JKP_8353_low Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294958_JKP_8371_low Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294959_JKP_8372_low Slattery_Sharin_Jaye_Kogut_Photography_294971_JKP_8405_low

{Ilana + Jeff} Woodsie Engagement by Erich Mcvey

Erich McVey Photography-105 I've got a good one for you today! Ilana + Jeff took to the woodsie countryside for their beautiful engagement shoot. You might know Ilana as the founder of the bridesmaid dress shopping site Weddington Way. I've had the pleasure of meeting both of them on several occasions and my oh my are they one great couple. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with Erich McVey who shot this engagement session. So dreamy.

Erich McVey Photography-55Erich McVey Photography-7 Erich McVey Photography-49 Erich McVey Photography-85 Erich McVey Photography-103 Erich McVey Photography-110 Erich McVey Photography-113 Erich McVey Photography-116 Erich McVey Photography-123 Erich McVey Photography-125 Erich McVey Photography-135 Erich McVey Photography-144 Erich McVey Photography-156 Erich McVey Photography-171


Houston Engagement Session by Michelle Boyd Photography


Here is a fun little engagement session for your end of week inspiration! Michelle Boyd Photography captured these two so well with tons of color and artistic shots. The story of these photos from the bride is wonderful. Check it out:

"Alvy and I knew that we wanted to do something different for our engagement photos. I love the fashion and style of that era and we wanted to incorporate a vintage automobile in the pictures, so we thought that the early 1960's would be a good fit for that. It was a very classy and elegant period of time and we wanted to incorporate that feel in our photos. Alvy has been in love with cars since about the age of 4, a passion he shares with his father. Over the years he has had several vintage cars, most recently his beloved 1971 Chevy Chevelle. Knowing that we wanted a 1960's car for our photos we attended a classic car show in the Houston area. There we met Lou and his lovely 1962 Plymouth Fury. He and Alvy began talking cars, and Lou generously offered to let us use his ride for our engagement photos.

We decided to take our photos in Houston since this is the city where we met, fell in love and plan to reside. I really enjoyed the chance to get all dolled up in 1960's fashion, especially getting to show off my grandmother's vintage handbag. Alvy loved the opportunity to hang out in a cool vintage ride and we both had a blast during our engagement session!"


Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy015_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy027_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy058_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy064_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy065_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy081_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy088_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy091_low Todaro_Medina_Michelle_Boyd_Photography_DanielleAlvy112_low

Design-Inspired Engagement by Hunter Ryan Photo

This shoot features two extremes, both of with I love! Beach shots filled with tons and tons of beautiful driftwood, then insane interiors and beautiful fashion all the way through. Hunter Ryan Photo did a wonderful job on this shoot.  Driftwood

From the Photographer: Sonika and Greg met as students at Ringling College in Sarasota, FL. Greg is an amateur photographer and graphic designer, and Sonika is now an interior designer. It was VERY fitting for them to have their engagement shoot first start at New College, then over to the amazingly beautiful Ringling Museum (Ca d'Zan Mansion). The architecture, details and design was so very "them." Finally we ended their shoot at one of their favorite locations - the stunning Longboat Key beach. It's almost magical there at sunset as the orange sun hits the weather-worn trees that just jut right out of the beach and water. From a design standpoint for Greg and Sonika it was THE perfect ending to the day.driftwood-+-beachFourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto7695_low driftwood-and-beach1Fourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto_low Fourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto1436_low Fourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto1437_lowPalace-Engagement- Fourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto1445_low Fourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto1449_lowFourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto7580_lowengagement-shoot Fourie_DeChow_Hunter_Ryan_Photo_ringlingmuseumcadzansarasotaweddingphotographerlongboatkeyengagementphotoshunterryanphoto1783_low