5 Tips For Creating An Ultra-Inviting Lounge Space

Who doesn't love a good lounge area? While chairs and cocktail tables are nice, there's just nothing like kicking back on a plush sofa after a few hours of dancing and libations. Today let's chat about the 5 key ingredients needed to create that oh-so-comfy atmosphere. 

Keep it cozy.

Blankest, soothing colors, and lots and lots of pillows are at the top of the list when it comes to designing a lounge. 

Photo Credit: Braedon Photography 

Photo Credit: Braedon Photography 

Shed some light.

Even the most lavish lounge in the world wouldn't attract that many people without a little light. Keep in mind that you're going for a relaxing ambiance, so steer clear of anything too bright. Some bistro lights and candles should give the right effect. 

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs 

Give lots of options.

When it comes to seating, more is more! Be sure to give plenty of options so guest can gather without feeling like they're on top of each other. 

Photo Credit: Pebelona Studios 

Photo Credit: Pebelona Studios 

Add an area rug. 

Nothing says cozy like a nice plush rug. Add one and not only will it instantly give a cool pop of pattern and texture, but it will also help set the space apart from the rest of the festivities. 

Photo Credit: Frenzel Photographers 

Don't forget the table tops. 

Last but not least, don't forget to add some hard surfaces. Coffee and end tables can work double duty as decor and a sturdy place for guest to rest their drinks. 



Killin' It Copper

Copper is having a major moment in weddings and I thought it'd be a shame if I missed my chance to give it a mention. Today I'm sharing just a few cool ways to jazz up your wedding color palette with this warm metallic hue. From cake decor to bridal accessories, there are a zillion options when it comes to incorporating copper into your big day. See below and get inspired!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I've been mildly obsessed with wedding shoes this week and I thought I'd share my faves today. I believe it was none other than the famous Marilyn Monroe that said, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer he world." I think we've all felt the power of that perfect pair of shoes and I encourage you to spend however long it takes to find "the one" that's right for your wedding day. Here's a little inspiration to get you started!

Travis and Carolyn's Orchard Engagement

Today I'm obsessing over this beautiful Wisconsin engagement session. Basically what you see here is the perfect combination of real love, a few killer locations, and a beautiful couple. Mix that all together and add the amazing photography skills of Molly Jo Collection and you have one drop dead gorgeous shoot. All you newly engaged love birds out there, take note!

location, location, ubicacion | Bridal Blogger Alisha

For those of you that don't know, "ubicacion" means location in Spanish. Or at least that's what Google's translator told me after a quick web search. ...I really need to learn Spanish. 

Anyhow, possible incorrect translations aside, it's time for another wedding update from yours truly. Today I'm talking location and I would actually like you guys to weigh in if possible. I'm a little torn on the type of location and, well, let me lay it out for you...

Photo via Desiree Hartsock

As you may know, I'm planning a private ceremony (aka eloping) in Mexico. I've scoured the web for hours looking for possible locations and it's come to my attention that there is one big choice I need to make before I go any further. Do I want a all inclusive/hotel wedding or do I want to to pick a random, yet awesome, spot and find a separate coordinator? Let's look at this a little closer.

Photo via Wedding Chicks

Photo via Wedding Chicks

The all inclusive/hotel option is probably more cost effective and will save me the trouble of finding my own help. On the other hand, I've read that a lot of resorts have several weddings a day, some of which are located very close together. Also I've heard that many resorts don't allow you to used vendors that are not on their preferred list. This may be a problem because photography and videography are SO important to me.

When it comes to the option of picking a random spot, I love this idea because it means we can get married in a truly unique setting. The trouble with this plan is, how do we find that spot? I was thinking the fiance and I could wonder around a day or two before and just pick a place we love but what if we don't find anything or it's too last minute to set things up the way I want it? Also, is it safe to just wonder around? 

I feel like I have so many questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Until next week - Adios!

Morgan & Nate

Get ready to swoon because today I'm sharing Morgan and Nate's breath taking Holman Ranch wedding. I have a soft spot for Holman weddings, obviously, but this one really blew me out of the water. The bride and groom are the two sweetest people on the planet and you could feel how excited they were to start their lives together. K Holly Photography did an amazing job at capturing this beautiful couples beautiful day, and was nice enough to give us a sneak peek of their photos! Check em out and join us in wishing Morgan and Nate a long and happy marriage! 

A Sweet Mountain Anniversary Shoot

So today, I had to share this adorable anniversary shoot by Leah McEachern Photography. I mean, how amazing is the mountain scenery? My favorite thing about this shoot though, is how effortless and comfortable the happy couple looks as they keep each other warm in the spring snow. Check it out and join us in wishing Carolynn and Preston a very happy anniversary!

Not Eloping | Bridal Blogger Alisha

Today I'm announcing that I am not eloping. ...Well, not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. Let me explain...

Recently I was talking to a loved one who (surprise-surprise)  less than thrilled about not getting to attend our wedding. I shared the fact that I plan to elope because I thought they'd be super excited for us but I was so wrong. I even tried to hype the person up by getting them excited about our reception/marriage celebration that we will be having upon our return but no dice.

They actually ended up getting even more upset and even ended up saying, "I find the whole thing depressing".(Ouch - that one actually hurt.) Then the person went on to tell me that they wished I just ran off and kept the whole thing to myself. (If the other blow hurt, that one knocked me out cold)

This got me thinking - What the heck? Why does everyone act like we're eloping to hurt them personally? And this is 2015, not everything has to be by the book anymore right? Why should I have to keep my news to myself when I'm so excited!? It feels like those who reject my decision are basically saying if I don't have a traditional wedding I don't get to be excited about tying the knot at all.

Maybe I'm being insensitive here but, say it with me brides, "it's my wedding" and I thought I had the right to make it whatever I want it to be. I don't think it's so crazy to want to get married minus the family drama and credit card debt.

It's not like I'm excluding people out of spite. This just happens to be the way I'd like to do this and I still fully plan to have an after party with most of the normal trappings of a regular wedding. We are just gonna go a slightly more frugal and intimate route.

After all this, I realized that the truth is, I'm not eloping. That terminology is wrong. To elope is to run off without telling anyone and I say forget that! I'm not running and I plan to tell anyone who will listen. I'm excited and I want people to know.

In light of all of the above, here I am correcting myself. I am not (really) eloping. I'm having a private ceremony that everyone will know about because it's freaking awesome! Mexico, here we come!!

Romantic Industrial Inspiration

If you were looking for some seriously inspiring industrial style for your wedding, look no further. Every Little Detail Event Planning put together this amazing shoot that's the perfect mix of romantic and cool. From the super awesome, suspended cake table to the sweet, heart shaped sushi, this this little inspiration session is industrial wedding perfection. The whole shebang was captured by the amazing Benjamin David Photography for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Photography: Benjamin David Photography// Event Planner: Every Little Detail// Location: Lansing Warehouse, Michigan// Floral: Bel-Fiori's Rose Shoppe// Baker: Whipped Bakery// Makeup: Kylie Dothsuk// Hair: Laura Ashley Hair Stylist// Invitations: Gwyneth Paige Couture Letterpress