Design Process - ROUND 1 | Romantically Rustic Inspiration

I am spending the off season planning and designing for 2017/2018 clients. The last month or two I've been knee deep in the design process! I wanted to share a little more about how that works and show off some of the work I've been putting together. 

The first step in my process is to create and present a mood board and call out specific pieces of the image (color palette, place setting look, the berries in the floral, etc.) This is less about creating a cohesive theme and more about taking the direction I've gathered from the client and throwing out some other ideas just to see where we land. We have a conversation about loves/hates, other ideas and the like. The goal here is to gather as much information as I possibly can so I can get those creative juices flowing and present round 2 with a few more unique ideas, exact rental options, etc. 

This client wants something more on the rustic side, so my design round up is filled with ideas to bring out the romantic elegance while still maintaining the rustic style of the couple and the venue. Pulling in the dusty rose, deckled edge paper in off-white tones and wood signage were ways of creating a more rustic look while still elevating the overall feel. 

This is the first round of design boards for this event, and while I don't want to share too much about the final designs, I'll be back to share more about the design process, where things go from here and how we flush out the details to create a cohesive design plan that we then work to plan for and execute on the day-of.