Houston Engagement Session by Michelle Boyd Photography


Here is a fun little engagement session for your end of week inspiration! Michelle Boyd Photography captured these two so well with tons of color and artistic shots. The story of these photos from the bride is wonderful. Check it out:

"Alvy and I knew that we wanted to do something different for our engagement photos. I love the fashion and style of that era and we wanted to incorporate a vintage automobile in the pictures, so we thought that the early 1960's would be a good fit for that. It was a very classy and elegant period of time and we wanted to incorporate that feel in our photos. Alvy has been in love with cars since about the age of 4, a passion he shares with his father. Over the years he has had several vintage cars, most recently his beloved 1971 Chevy Chevelle. Knowing that we wanted a 1960's car for our photos we attended a classic car show in the Houston area. There we met Lou and his lovely 1962 Plymouth Fury. He and Alvy began talking cars, and Lou generously offered to let us use his ride for our engagement photos.

We decided to take our photos in Houston since this is the city where we met, fell in love and plan to reside. I really enjoyed the chance to get all dolled up in 1960's fashion, especially getting to show off my grandmother's vintage handbag. Alvy loved the opportunity to hang out in a cool vintage ride and we both had a blast during our engagement session!"


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