COLORY: Radiant Red

Time to go red here at The Colory. For me, red is one of the toughest colors to work with, so I love when a team of vendors can make it look so darn good! Mixing red details with some calming colors such as cream and gold are the perfect way to add the perfect amount without going overboard. What do you think?? Is this a fun fall color or what?!

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Looking for a fabulous team of vendors? Check out Inspired Guide to find those vendors that fit your budget and style.

Something {Red, White, and} Blue

In honor of the country's birthday today (and one of my favorite holidays!), I wanted to share some 4th of July-inspired weddings. I'm not doing a 4th of July theme, but after looking at these pictures I am totally sold on the idea! Check out this inspirational shoot. I am loving the vintage, all-American vibe.

Source and more from the shoot

Here's another 4th-themed shoot. This one isn't a wedding, but it has all the adorable details of one.


More Independence Day inspiration...




Wishing you all a happy 4th of July!

Inspired By Red

I don't know what has gotten into me recently. Red used to be the most repulsive color to me, especially in weddings. Not only do I find myself loving red in weddings now, I also find myself buying more red clothes and even wearing red lipstick. Its weird, I know. But I am embracing my newfound love for great color palettes such as this. There are plenty of ways incorporating red can be incred.

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Red, Inspired

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I'm no fan of the cookie cutter red and white wedding, which may be why I have stayed away from doing red and white inspiration boards. But these gorgeous pieces just came together perfectly and the result was love. Mix anemone flowers, Melissa Sweet and Louboutin, and this amazing combo will leave you swooning.

Real Wedding with Fall Colors

Remember this amazing wedding I featured a few weeks back? Her dress just pulled me right in and I had to see more of the wedding! After talking with J Andrew, the photographer, and the bride, I am now able to show you all the rest of the wedding as well. I have included helpful tips from the bride as well!

On The Budget: I had a moderate size budget, and being that the dress was more expensive than I wanted to spend, I decided to cut my guest list down in order to save money in another area. I found cutting the guest list down was the best way to cut costs.  I also used the's budgeter tool, which really helped me put things into perspective.  I am a very money conscious person, so this tool very helpful to me, and made planning a lot easier!

I think it’s a good idea for the bride to prioritize things and decide from the very beginning  what is most important to her and what she is willing to cut out of the budget. For me it was the dress.

On The Colors: I have two very creative sisters and being that I love deep fall colors, they helped me decide that a burnt orange and wine color would be amazing together and add a little uniqueness to my wedding.

My sister went to a local home improvement store and picked out paint samples. We compared different color combinations until we made the final decision on the wine and burnt orange.

Jewelry: My sister Ashley makes jewelry, SweetSouthernSorbet. She made all of the bridesmaid necklaces for me with vintage jewels and beads.  Each was unique and beautiful.  All of the girls were so excited to have a piece of her jewelry.

On The Vendors:

  • J Andrew Photography did my photography and he did an amazing job as well!  The pictures are unique and have such vibrant colors, I could not be happier!
  • Flowers: I used House of Flowers here in Bakersfield, CA, and wow, they did an amazing job.  I had a few print outs with some flowers I liked. I brought them the pictures and they just made everything so beautiful and amazing.
  • Cake : Sweet Creations Custom Cakes in Bakersfield made my delicious red velvet wedding cake!  She is very creative and makes the best tasting cakes.
  • DJ: Free Style Entertainment provided my DJ services. The DJ made a time frame schedule for the reception which helped out so much! I had some great vendors who all pulled through and far exceeded my expectations.
  • Event Planner: I did not have an event planner, but thanks so much to my Mom Phyllis, and my two sisters Ashley and Megan, I did not need one!

Deep Red Wedding - Captured by Picotte Photography

Does Picotte Photography ever stop with the incredible candid and artistic wedding shots? Apparently not as witnessed by this incredible shoot we have for you today. She just wows me everytime with her wedding features!

The pre-shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are priceless. Those gardens are fantastic and quite the "photo setting"!

The deep red roses match her wedding colors perfectly without overwhelming the setting with color.

I really have no words for this incredibly amazing setting. It's just an amazing backdrop for your wedding day!

Again, just no words. The details, the food, the colors, all very rich and very inviting. Quite the amazing reception spot.

And what a great ending to a night! Those embarrassing but priceless photos of guests that end up all over blogs...amazing!

Thanks so much to Picotte Photography for this amazing feature :)

Ps- I loved Picotte so much I used her image as my header. Amazing isn't it?

Step Out with a Statement

Ahhhh- shoes. No more words need to be said to understand the joy that is finding the perfect and most fitting shoes for an occassion. The higher the statement, the better the look and shoes do this so simply and amazingly.

When I came across these my life changed in one of those ways where you know you have found something ideal, so how can anything else be good enough? You know you can't afford them, but you almost want to just go for it because they are so amazing. Thank you Miu Miu for inspiring me so, and showing me that there is a perfect shoe out there.

Oh Valentino. This is actually what I set out to find before running into Miu Miu. I wanted silver sequin pumps with a great structure and a little something special. These are definite statment shoes and are pretty darn incredible.

And in reality, these aren't bad choices either! These shoe clips by bpoetic are just amazing. I love the idea behind these because you can instantly change up any pair of shoes and add that extra umph. These are just darling and beyond in style at the moment! Gorgeous!

And those shoes that look like Valentinos? $100 retail! A little different, but let's be honest-they serve the purpose of statement shoes and will definitely wow any audience when they pop out from under that big dress!

So now over to you, what type of shoes are you looking for? Bold and colorful to match your wedding colors? Simple and subtle neutral colors? Or are you going down comfy street with some darling flats that you can dance the night away in???