Groom Fashion {navy suits}

This past week my fiancé sent the suit we picked out to the groomsmen to order. We had been looking for a nice navy suit for a while with no luck. It was not the easiest color to find at rental companies, so we thought if we could find it for under $200 (not too much more than a rental), we would ask the guys to buy them. We were super excited when our friend had the idea of J.Crew's Factory store and the suits were nice and affordable. My post on the full color scheme can be found here.

Now that we have the suits picked out, it's time to think about how to pair it with shirts, ties, and shoes...

Groom StyleSource

This groom kept it classic and simple, but added some fun with the gingham shirt.

Groom Style2Source

Here we see some other colors used - purple and grey.

Groom Style3Source

This guy paired his suit with a white shirt and light blue tie. I like.

Groom Style1Source

I'm loving the brown shoes on this groom and how he added some personality with the socks!  I also love how the bride tied in the deep blue color with her earrings and heels.

I'm not really sure how to coordinate it so that my groom and his guys all go together. I also don't want the guys to have to buy any more items, so I'm thinking we could have them wear white shirts and then get different ties - they could all be similar colors and shapes, but with different patterns. Or we could have everyone wear their own different-patterned or plain blue shirts and do a simple navy tie. Option #3 would be to keep it more simple with white shirts and the same ties. For the shoes, we'll ask them all to wear their own brown leather shoes.

navy mismatched tiesSource

What do you think? How are your men coordinating?

On another note, we are about to order the proofs for the invitations. I can't wait to see them in-person!

Finding Your Glass Slippers


Shoes3 Source: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

 Now that I have my dress, Ican't wait to pick out the heels! I love the look of a neutral color with sparkles of some kind.



 On the other hand, a brighter color would be fun.

Shoes4Source: left, right 


Other things on my checklist are that they are comfortable, stay on my feet, not be too high, and that they aren't crazy expensive. I can't wait to find the perfect ones for me. I'm thinking I'll be ordering several contenders so that I can try them on and see how they feel on and with my dress.

Where did you shop for your wedding shoes?

Put Her Best Foot Forward {flats for your bridesmaids}

My sister is my MOH and sole bridesmaid, and, while she is amazingly smart, gorgeous, and funny to boot, she is not a heels girl. Lucky for her, I am not a bridezilla (hate that word), and couldn't give two hoots about the shoes on her feet. That being said, her dress is short, so I'll take it upon myself as bride and the more shoe-obsessed sister to find her a lovely, wedding-friendly pair of flat sandals to wear with her dress. Her dress is similar to the below, from David's Bridal and J. Crew:

Source: 1, 2

Here are a couple of shoes I think would be fun and unique for a bridesmaid...who ever said all bridesmaids need to wear silver kitten heels from Chinese Laundry? Ugh.

And a few more sparkly options:

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

As for me, I'll be in these... ; )


Engagement Party Outfit

I ordered all of this last night (along with a few other "necessary" but not engagement party related items) from Nordstrom last night.  Free shipping and I can return anything in the store (which is walking distance from my house). I haven't tried on the dress yet, but I am really hoping it looks fantastic! If not, but to square one with the dress shopping!

In terms of shoes, I can't decide. I LOVE the zebra print but there are 2 downsides: 1. I want to incorporate Zebra into my wedding and wedding shoes would be a great way. It's not decided but it is a possibility so I don't want to possibly wear them twice. 2. They are $200! eeks. As far as the black shoes, well, the pro is that I own them (by far my favorite pair of shoes I have ever purchased. I still get compliments on those) but the down side is that everyone knows I own them!

So what's a girl to do?? I am going to keep looking for shoes, but what are the thoughts on the outfit???

Step Out with a Statement

Ahhhh- shoes. No more words need to be said to understand the joy that is finding the perfect and most fitting shoes for an occassion. The higher the statement, the better the look and shoes do this so simply and amazingly.

When I came across these my life changed in one of those ways where you know you have found something ideal, so how can anything else be good enough? You know you can't afford them, but you almost want to just go for it because they are so amazing. Thank you Miu Miu for inspiring me so, and showing me that there is a perfect shoe out there.

Oh Valentino. This is actually what I set out to find before running into Miu Miu. I wanted silver sequin pumps with a great structure and a little something special. These are definite statment shoes and are pretty darn incredible.

And in reality, these aren't bad choices either! These shoe clips by bpoetic are just amazing. I love the idea behind these because you can instantly change up any pair of shoes and add that extra umph. These are just darling and beyond in style at the moment! Gorgeous!

And those shoes that look like Valentinos? $100 retail! A little different, but let's be honest-they serve the purpose of statement shoes and will definitely wow any audience when they pop out from under that big dress!

So now over to you, what type of shoes are you looking for? Bold and colorful to match your wedding colors? Simple and subtle neutral colors? Or are you going down comfy street with some darling flats that you can dance the night away in???