Step Out with a Statement

Ahhhh- shoes. No more words need to be said to understand the joy that is finding the perfect and most fitting shoes for an occassion. The higher the statement, the better the look and shoes do this so simply and amazingly.

When I came across these my life changed in one of those ways where you know you have found something ideal, so how can anything else be good enough? You know you can't afford them, but you almost want to just go for it because they are so amazing. Thank you Miu Miu for inspiring me so, and showing me that there is a perfect shoe out there.

Oh Valentino. This is actually what I set out to find before running into Miu Miu. I wanted silver sequin pumps with a great structure and a little something special. These are definite statment shoes and are pretty darn incredible.

And in reality, these aren't bad choices either! These shoe clips by bpoetic are just amazing. I love the idea behind these because you can instantly change up any pair of shoes and add that extra umph. These are just darling and beyond in style at the moment! Gorgeous!

And those shoes that look like Valentinos? $100 retail! A little different, but let's be honest-they serve the purpose of statement shoes and will definitely wow any audience when they pop out from under that big dress!

So now over to you, what type of shoes are you looking for? Bold and colorful to match your wedding colors? Simple and subtle neutral colors? Or are you going down comfy street with some darling flats that you can dance the night away in???