Summer and Boyd

It is time to introduce our newest sponsor-and someone I am genuinely excited to have connected up with E&I!

Summer and Boyd is a northern California based wedding photographer duo. Their style of photography and their attention to catching small details is something I quickly saw in them, which made me fall in love with their work.

What I truly look for in a wedding photographer is someone who can capture those candid moments that you can't get with poses, the feel of the entire wedding and the happiness involved and the details that make the wedding personal and unique. I was so excited when I saw the portfolio of Summer and Boyd because they show the ability they have to capture a wedding artistically as opposed to the "posed". Finding a photographer that really gets that is not as easy as it sounds (especially in specific price ranges).

I can't wait to show off all of their amazing work on the blog so you can all see what I am talking about with them! I an so excited for all that is to come and I want to thank Summer and Boyd for connecting up with E&I!