Photographer Shot List

One month countdown to my wedding! It is getting close and left on my checklist are the fine details. Not necessities, but the fun stuff!

My wise sister-in-law-to-be, who just got married, recommended I put together a shot list for my photographer. Something I wouldn't have thought of, but a great idea. Seeing all the beautiful shots out there, I know I want to make a list so I'm 100% happy when I get my photos back.

Here are some I definitely want in the mix...

Closeups of me with the bouquet.

Photographer listSources: left, right

The details.

Photographer list5Source

The ring bearer and flower girl getting excited for their walk down the isle.

Photographer list1Source

Sun behind.

Photographer list3Sources: left, right

Cute candids.

Photographer list4Source

Cool shots featuring the sky at dusk.

Photographer list2Source

Did you do a shot list for your photographer?


Candid Photography {worth a thousand words}

This week I'm looking at photographers and discovering I'm drawn to all the amazing candid shots. Don't get me wrong, I love posed photos just as much as the next girl, but I think what sets great wedding photographers apart are the moments they are able to capture when no one is expecting it.

Sources: all Style Me Pretty

This week I'm going to Mexico for a friends' combined bachelor/bachelorette party. Finding a photographer will be next on my list when I return from vacation. I can't wait to keep looking! I am hoping photographers will be open to Skype meetings, at least until we narrow it down.

Follow up to last week's post - while I loved the dresses at Amy Kuschel, I don't think I found the dress for me, so the search continues!

Until next week!



Picture Perfect

Picking our photographer was a stressful task. I actually put it off for a bit because I was afraid I wouldn’t find what I wanted – a photographer who is able to capture one of the most special moments of our lives with beautiful images and also has an amazing personality that you wouldn’t mind spending 8 hours of your wedding day with them! Oh and all within our budget of course. Not at all a tall order…

After meeting with several photographers, reviewing website after website and blog after blog, I concluded that every photographer fell in one of two categories:

1. They were in our budget, but we didn't love their images;

2. They took beautiful pictures, but at a cost that could be a substantial down payment on a house!

After weeks of feeling extremely frustrated, I decided to head to one of my favorite wedding photography sites and just start searching for photographers in San Francisco. If their images were on the website, then I knew I would love their photography. Why had I not thought of this before? Low and behold, I found her!

Gladys Jem manages to capture the exact sentiment that I want in my wedding photos: love, excitement and it doesn't hurt that she manages to make all of her subjects look like models!

But don't take my word for it, just check out some of her stunning images...

One of my favorites...


And when we finally met Gladys, that kind of sealed the deal. She’s got an awesomely, bubbly personality that I know will bring out the smiles in all of our guests.

I can’t wait to see the images of our special day! First up - engagement photos!

All photos courtesy of Gladys Jem:

Photographer {Check!}

Look at me go! My photographer of choice was Jason + Anna Photography. They shot Ryan and Lizzie's Wedding back in May, and are coming back to shoot ours as well. I am very excited about where they are as photographers now and how much they will advance in the next 6 months. Each wedding I see is progressively better and better, and I can't wait to see what they can do with ours.

Here are a few of the shots I love from previous weddings:

I have booked several and still have a few more that I need to find! It is kind of hard searching in a budget these days, but the sooner I get these people out of the way, the sooner I can put 100% focus on the details and getting everything done and ready.


Venue Caterer Photographer

My bridal look is complete The bridesmaids look is complete

Still Need:

Cake Rentals (I have to decide on this first) DJ Florist

I think that is all I need. Any vendors I forgot? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for vendors in the Monterey/Carmel area or the Bay Area? Oh and don't refer me to highly priced people cause all that money went to my dress and the venue. I need as cheap as possible!

Summer and Boyd

It is time to introduce our newest sponsor-and someone I am genuinely excited to have connected up with E&I!

Summer and Boyd is a northern California based wedding photographer duo. Their style of photography and their attention to catching small details is something I quickly saw in them, which made me fall in love with their work.

What I truly look for in a wedding photographer is someone who can capture those candid moments that you can't get with poses, the feel of the entire wedding and the happiness involved and the details that make the wedding personal and unique. I was so excited when I saw the portfolio of Summer and Boyd because they show the ability they have to capture a wedding artistically as opposed to the "posed". Finding a photographer that really gets that is not as easy as it sounds (especially in specific price ranges).

I can't wait to show off all of their amazing work on the blog so you can all see what I am talking about with them! I an so excited for all that is to come and I want to thank Summer and Boyd for connecting up with E&I!