Photographer Shot List

One month countdown to my wedding! It is getting close and left on my checklist are the fine details. Not necessities, but the fun stuff!

My wise sister-in-law-to-be, who just got married, recommended I put together a shot list for my photographer. Something I wouldn't have thought of, but a great idea. Seeing all the beautiful shots out there, I know I want to make a list so I'm 100% happy when I get my photos back.

Here are some I definitely want in the mix...

Closeups of me with the bouquet.

Photographer listSources: left, right

The details.

Photographer list5Source

The ring bearer and flower girl getting excited for their walk down the isle.

Photographer list1Source

Sun behind.

Photographer list3Sources: left, right

Cute candids.

Photographer list4Source

Cool shots featuring the sky at dusk.

Photographer list2Source

Did you do a shot list for your photographer?


Great Aftertaste

As I mentioned  in last week's post, we had our catering tasting this past week at Heirloom LA. It was wonderful!

Source (You can buy these cute forks off Etsy!)

With this being our first tasting, I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. We got to try a smaller version of our crostini station (pictured above), five amazing tray-passsed appetizers (so appetizing that they disappeared before I could remember to photograph them), four different entrée options and two scrumptious desserts.

Our favorites of the night were Smoked Pork Chop with Yam Puree and Roasted Brussel Sprouts (pictured above) and Maple Rosemary Donuts (pictured below)

Now comes the hard part of narrowing down our options. Since we are doing a family-style dinner we want to make sure that what we pick will appeal to all of our guests. How did you decide on your wedding menu? With so many special dietary restrictions theses days (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, ect.) how did you select for the masses without giving up what you wanted?


First Taste

Tomorrow we are going to our first (and hopefully last) catering tasting! My fiance Derek and I are big foodies so naturally we want to serve the best wedding food on the planet. Derek took the lead on researching caters and has convinced me that Heirloom LA is the way to go. I am so looking forward to trying their signature Lasagna cupcakes.


Their tray passed appetizers look unreal.



Source:1 , 2 & 3

Stay tuned next week to hear how the tasting goes! Have you done your catering tastings yet? Any tips on what to look out for?


Celebrate Good Times :: Wedding Music

Of the weddings I've been to in the past few years, I would say they have been about half DJs, half bands (and equally fun!). Like most wedding decisions, there are pros/cons with both options - if you have a DJ, you can play whatever music you want. If you have a band, it's like a mini concert at your wedding! So, for my own wedding, I could imagine either. Although when we visited our venue in-person, the first thing my fiance said about the dance floor was "it's begging for a band!" As long as the people on the dance floor look something like the ones below, I would be totally happy!



DJs are great because they can gauge what kind of music is working and play the next songs accordingly. You also have more flexibility with what you play. If you love a song and really want it played at your wedding, you don't have to worry that it's not on the band's list.

Source: left, right

Bands are awesome too. They become the life of the party and people love a good show. They also come with a higher price tag, so that's something we are factoring in.

This past week Chris has been doing a ton of searching for bands online. It's been fun to listen what he finds. He's been playing everything from country music to steel drum bands...although we would probably go with something a little more versatile. ;-)



What's your take on band vs. DJ? If you know of any great (and affordable) Portland/Gorge area bands, please share!

{Real Wedding} Ryan and Liz: Reception

And now for the forth and final post of this amazing day! The reception.

The sign in table was just gorgeous! Lizzie really did the details up here. Such an amazing and totally unique way for people to say hello and sign in at your wedding! And this little canvas tree idea has already been used again.

Jasmin from Wildflower Event Florals did a phenomenal job on all of the flowers. The bouquets were just stunning!

Definitely the greatest shot of a garter catch ever!

And now for the surprise of the night. The MOH and a slue of other people worked hard to create a 20 minute video with each of the BMs and GMs wishing the bride and groom well and telling stories from the past. It was hilarious and sentimental all in one. And it was the perfect little surprise for them.

This day really was perfect, and I am so honored to have been a part of it.

Liz is selling a few of the items from her wedding as well as other vintage finds on her Etsy Shop. If you love her style, you'll love her shop!

Photography: Jason + Anna Photography Florals: Wildflower Event Florals Programs: Designed by Liz. Check out her Etsy Shop Venue: Murietta's Well. Livermore, CA Dress: Vineyard Collection (for sale!) Bridesmaid Dresses: Express, H&M, Forever 21, etc. Boys Attire: Express for Men

See the rest of this wedding: Getting Ready, First Look, Ceremony, Reception

Milk Anyone?

What is this obsession I am having with food products?? This is so unlike myself seeing as I am the one that would be fine having no food at all. Anyways, I guess I'll keep the super cute ideas coming, but I hope everyone that comes to my wedding is aware of the fact that they will be gaining about 10 pounds that night with all these sugary treats! (We will just have to burn it all off with hours upon hours of dancing!) So my new thing, Milk. I know it sounds slightly lame, but I love these cute little milk jars in ice. Plus when people are eating their cake or pies, milk is the best thing. Of course, milk and wine don't quite mix, but even if no one drinks the milk, it will look super dooper cute sitting in tubs all around the reception! :)

Source: Jolie Jolie, Caroline Tran

Cute right??? Is this a good alternative to alcohol when eating your cake?? I kind of think so!

I Love You Chalkboards

Remember Chalkboards Add Instant Vintage, well I couldn't help but continue my incredible love of chalkboards with some latest finds!


Source: Caroline Tran,

I know that many of you love chalkboards just as much as I do, and really, why wouldn't you? I mean, when you have something this chic and amazing, which on top of it all is functional, well that's has perfect written all over it!

Now the real question is, are you actually using chalkboards as part of your wedding decor, or do you just find them fun to look at?? And if you are, gush the details, will you! Big, small, as a welcome sign, cupcake sign, centerpiece, etc.etc.etc. Let us in on your little secret!

Florals To Start Your Day Off Right

To start out the day, I will show off a beautiful bouquet! Of course this photo by The Nichols is stunning in itself, but I'd like to focus your attention to that bouquet for just a moment. I want white, and I want pops of color! So doesn't that seem like the perfect balance of both?

However, here is another idea that I love....and it is pretty much the exact opposite! Bright colored bouquets! I think that is going to be my main problem when planning, it's hard to decide on just one theme! Whatever I do, those little yellow balls will be in my bouquets, I'm pretty much obsessed with those!

What are you looking at for your florals??? Anything particular that you are obsessed with??

Source: Wedding Bee

What are you looking at for your florals??? Anything particular that you are obsessed with?? Which should I go with, white with pops or lots of bold colors?

Real Wedding by Colin Michael

Today's wedding comes from Colin Michael Photography. There were so many little details in this wedding and I love the way she pulled them all together. My favorite part would have to be her use of wildflowers! They are just stunning.

Everyone needs an amazingly gorgeous ring pic.

I'm loving the simple ceremony setting.

It's hard to pick a favorite shot in this bunch, but I have to say that I am a sucker for twirling dresses, so this one might just take the cake as my favorite pic of the bunch!

Not often do we see pictures of the food, but these pieces happen to be a work of art in themselves.

There are those wildflowers I was raving about earlier! Just darling :)

Thanks again to Colin Michael Photography for this super fun wedding feature! I just love it!

Get This Look: Vintage Barn Reception

I absolutely LOVE this reception look. To me, lighting is absolutely my favorite part to the wedding. I love how they made everything look simple and elegant with that vintage flair. The result is just beautiful!

Get This Look:

Mason Jars: 12 for $10 This look is incredibly cheap but Mason Jars really add a lot of vintage flair for a low price. Definitely a worth-while addition to any wedding.

Lights: 100 lights for $6.99 Lighting is amazing. Even something as simple as small white lights can add a lot to any space and make it look absolutely gorgeous. For a low price, you can add some big style to your wedding, lighting is so important and incredibly amazing :)

Bouqet: DIY Darling DIY bouquet! Use these for the centerpieces, the BM bouquets, and even the bride's bouquet. These are so stunningly simple that you might as well same some money and go for these instead!

Picture Source: Mason Jars, Lights, DIY Bouquet