Flowers, flowers, flowers

I've written multiple times about how my flowers will be very limited...night wedding=candles. However, there are still a few floral things that I want. Side note: if flowers weren't so dang expensive, I'd cover everything in GIGANTIC bright blooms. I'm definitely not the girl who says "I don't care about flowers, they just die," (check my Pinterest for proof) I do in fact love flowers, plants, herbs and most things that grow (I'm including animals in most things that grow, but that's a whole other story...we're getting a puppy soon, right JB?). Here's my checklist of the things I need in terms of flowers and my inspiration for each of them. 1. My bouquet: I have fallen hard for big open king proteas and I want at least one honker in my bouquet! Here's my mini rant about bouquets...I hate it when bouquets are round, hemisphere-shaped (as JB says). I just don't think I can take another round-ish perfectly situated bundle of pink roses.

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four, five, six

2. My bridesmaids' bouquets: I want something simple and clean, but still whimsical and fun. Too many adjectives? Maybe.

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three

3. Garland: I am going to enter the ceremony from my front door, so I would love something to frame the door and make it look a bit more festive. However, I absolutely love our door and I would never want to cover it up with a wreath, so a garland seems perfect (plus my favorite decoration that my mom puts up is the garland around our door at Christmas, it is just so welcoming).

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four

4. Other randos: I have to have a kissing ball at my wedding AND look at this swag of herbs...oh lord, I gotta have it. My third and final random floral need are those GORGEOUS garlands to hang on the backs of our newlywed dinner chairs. P.S. Both the kissing balls and the herb swag are for sale for $39 each at Pottery Barn and William Sonoma respectively (who knew!).

Kissing balls, herbs, chair garland

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Get This Look: Vintage Barn Reception

I absolutely LOVE this reception look. To me, lighting is absolutely my favorite part to the wedding. I love how they made everything look simple and elegant with that vintage flair. The result is just beautiful!

Get This Look:

Mason Jars: 12 for $10 This look is incredibly cheap but Mason Jars really add a lot of vintage flair for a low price. Definitely a worth-while addition to any wedding.

Lights: 100 lights for $6.99 Lighting is amazing. Even something as simple as small white lights can add a lot to any space and make it look absolutely gorgeous. For a low price, you can add some big style to your wedding, lighting is so important and incredibly amazing :)

Bouqet: DIY Darling DIY bouquet! Use these for the centerpieces, the BM bouquets, and even the bride's bouquet. These are so stunningly simple that you might as well same some money and go for these instead!

Picture Source: Mason Jars, Lights, DIY Bouquet

Wedding Worthy Eye Candy

I am super excited about today's post! First of all, sorry it is incredibly late! I can't upload any photos to the blog at all :( and I am pretty lucky to get this post out as it is! Anyways, enough about that, and let me show off the source of my excitement!

Invitations to the party. Adorable

One of the most amazing dessert tables I have ever laid eyes on!

Source: P is for Party

The colors, the details, the pretty! I just can't get enough of this incredible party! Everything about this is perfect and adorable! The cake even matches the invitation. There is major eye candy to be taken from this, and so much great inspiration for your wedding day. I love every single part of this, down to the straws!

What is the occasion for such an incredible backdrop such as this?? A child's birthday party! Can you believe it? I don't think I have ever had a birthday party that even closely resembled this, but this two year old has "wedding worthy" eye candy for her second birthday! You better believe I am taking insane amount of inspiration from this which are going straight into my planning!