For the Love of Twine

Baker's Twine has been a lovely addition to the wedding world (and just about everywhere else!) for some time. I am totally in love with the way it looks and all the different uses for it! Really, they seem to be endless. I am planning on using these for my invitations, place cards as well as for the wedding favors. But I may sneak it in a few more places here and there too.

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So many great ideas huh?? In my search for twine, I realized how expensive everyone was selling it for. So, I ended buying a huge bulk of it with all the different colors (cause I didn't know which color I wanted) and ended up with SO much twine. I decided to start up a little Etsy shop and sell it for SUPER cheap. I want other brides to be able to get the quantity they want without spending $8 or $10 on it. So, I have started to list a few ( but I have a long way to go with my photography and creating the store front) for anyone that is in need of some super cheap twine. $1.5 for every 25 yards and $4 for 100 yards. Oh and I also have about 200 of those white boxes above in case your wedding favors are along the lines of something wrapped in a cute box!

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Love all of these ideas so much! I'm excited to wrap up tons of stuff in cute twine! Below are the four colors I have available. You can buy it on Etsy (though not all the listings are up yet) or jut e-mail me with what color and how much!

Clockwise: Green/White, Navy blue/white, Baby blue/white, red/white.

Shipping is $2.00 anywhere in the US!

Happy Twining!

Get This Look: Vintage Barn Reception

I absolutely LOVE this reception look. To me, lighting is absolutely my favorite part to the wedding. I love how they made everything look simple and elegant with that vintage flair. The result is just beautiful!

Get This Look:

Mason Jars: 12 for $10 This look is incredibly cheap but Mason Jars really add a lot of vintage flair for a low price. Definitely a worth-while addition to any wedding.

Lights: 100 lights for $6.99 Lighting is amazing. Even something as simple as small white lights can add a lot to any space and make it look absolutely gorgeous. For a low price, you can add some big style to your wedding, lighting is so important and incredibly amazing :)

Bouqet: DIY Darling DIY bouquet! Use these for the centerpieces, the BM bouquets, and even the bride's bouquet. These are so stunningly simple that you might as well same some money and go for these instead!

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