Get This Look: Vintage Barn Reception

I absolutely LOVE this reception look. To me, lighting is absolutely my favorite part to the wedding. I love how they made everything look simple and elegant with that vintage flair. The result is just beautiful!

Get This Look:

Mason Jars: 12 for $10 This look is incredibly cheap but Mason Jars really add a lot of vintage flair for a low price. Definitely a worth-while addition to any wedding.

Lights: 100 lights for $6.99 Lighting is amazing. Even something as simple as small white lights can add a lot to any space and make it look absolutely gorgeous. For a low price, you can add some big style to your wedding, lighting is so important and incredibly amazing :)

Bouqet: DIY Darling DIY bouquet! Use these for the centerpieces, the BM bouquets, and even the bride's bouquet. These are so stunningly simple that you might as well same some money and go for these instead!

Picture Source: Mason Jars, Lights, DIY Bouquet

Creating Wow Lighting - Hanging Lanterns

Definitely something I plan to incorporate A LOT of, hanging lanterns! I will definitely be doing a lot of those little white lights, but hanging clusters of lanterns will give it a different feel and a bit more "wow factor" to the space. And, as I showed in my previous lantern post, I already have a few, and getting more will only cost about $6 each! Not bad.

Does anyone know where to find smaller lanterns or different looking lanterns?? I am also adding lanterns to my centerpieces and I need something on the smaller side.


Gorgeous setting that is both completely romantic and comfortable.

Candles and fireplaces make for a pretty setting while still adding in the romantic atmosphere.

No matter how you do it, lighting will set the mood and create a romantic ambiance for you and your guests. I love everything from candles and little white lights, to lanterns and fire pits. All of these add to the setting and make the space feel warm. So so Pretty!