Wedding Veils, Hat, or Flower Crowns

My extensive list of wants and ideas for this wedding is getting a little out of hand. My mom is continually trying to help me focus, which I've done on a few parts of the wedding, but on others, it seems like the inspiration and possible choices are never ending! That brings me to my wedding headgear (not the braces kind).

I've been searching for the perfect reception headpiece for a while now to no avail. It's not because I don't like anything, it's because I LOVE everything. I can't get enough of chiffon flowers, tulle bows, vintage pillbox hats and especially not enough of live flower crowns. Now you can see my true frustration and utter confusion because of the plethora of over-the-top duds to perch on top of my head. I keep telling my roommate that I want something ridiculous because when am I ever going to get the chance to wear a flower the size of my head in my hair ever again? But then I find precious little bobby pins and my vision shifts again.

Here are a few of my favorites (a FEW). Do you have this problem? What are you wearing in your hair? Veil, hat, fascinator, nothing? HELP ME DECIDE!

Also, almost all of these are from Etsy...I am an Etsy fiend!

Clockwise from top left: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen

P.S. I've already bought my headpiece for the ceremony, but you'll have to wait and see it at the wedding (my attire is the one thing I'm trying to keep secret from JB and let me tell you, keeping it a secret [even if JB doesn't really care] is HARD for me).

{Inspired Style} Vintage Romance

Here we go for day 2 of "Inspired Style" week. Inspired Style is a week long inspiration-fest displaying styles of inspiration. Engaged & Inspired offers "The Inspired Board" to give brides a bit of clarity on their exact wedding vision by combining each style perfectly allowing the overall product of the wedding to be seamlessly cohesive. Looking at all the amazing things the wedding industry offers can leave you majorly inspired, yet totally overwhelmed by all the new ideas you want at your wedding. The Inspired Board gives a sense of clarity and focus to your vision no matter how many different styles you want to add into your special day. Vintage Romance is such a fun style to create through a wedding. There is nothing more whimsical and beautiful as a light and fresh color palette filled with romantic details. Single peonies out of milk jars add an elegance that I totally appreciate in a wedding. Oh and those benches, talk about amazing (and really similar to what I am doing for my wedding!). This color palette inspires love, passion and simplistic romance. Amazing.

Source: Tablescape, Jars, Shoes, Dress, Centerpieces, Vanity

Anyone doing a vintage romantic styled wedding?? Leave a comment and let me know what style wedding you are working with!

{Florals} A Little DIY Tablescape Inspiration

The fantastic Kia Gregory sent over some images of a little DIY tablescape she did on a whim after picking some gorgeous wildflowers the other day. Now talk about inspiration central! This whole vintage look is so simple, elegant and just all around amazing. Adding a touch of lace to the table and those chic mirrors (not those ugly ones that come with most venues) definitely sets the tone of the overall vintage centerpiece we've got on our hands.

Such a great addition, those teacups are fantastic!

Now that's what I call table love right here!

Check out Kia Gregory for more gorgeous inspiration!

I Love You Chalkboards

Remember Chalkboards Add Instant Vintage, well I couldn't help but continue my incredible love of chalkboards with some latest finds!


Source: Caroline Tran,

I know that many of you love chalkboards just as much as I do, and really, why wouldn't you? I mean, when you have something this chic and amazing, which on top of it all is functional, well that's has perfect written all over it!

Now the real question is, are you actually using chalkboards as part of your wedding decor, or do you just find them fun to look at?? And if you are, gush the details, will you! Big, small, as a welcome sign, cupcake sign, centerpiece, etc.etc.etc. Let us in on your little secret!

Get This Look: Vintage Barn Reception

I absolutely LOVE this reception look. To me, lighting is absolutely my favorite part to the wedding. I love how they made everything look simple and elegant with that vintage flair. The result is just beautiful!

Get This Look:

Mason Jars: 12 for $10 This look is incredibly cheap but Mason Jars really add a lot of vintage flair for a low price. Definitely a worth-while addition to any wedding.

Lights: 100 lights for $6.99 Lighting is amazing. Even something as simple as small white lights can add a lot to any space and make it look absolutely gorgeous. For a low price, you can add some big style to your wedding, lighting is so important and incredibly amazing :)

Bouqet: DIY Darling DIY bouquet! Use these for the centerpieces, the BM bouquets, and even the bride's bouquet. These are so stunningly simple that you might as well same some money and go for these instead!

Picture Source: Mason Jars, Lights, DIY Bouquet

Chalkboards Add Instant Vintage

Source: Sarah Hearts, Vintage Amethyst, Little White Book, Get Married, Joy De Vivre, Elizabeth Anne, Wedding Paper Divas, I have a serious obsession with chalkboards. I plan to use these a lot in my wedding plans to add a touch of vintage to the space. There are so many different ways to display chalkboards, and the how-to is incredibly easy!

Recently, people have been using chalkboard tape to add a little something extra to containers. Then there are more traditional chalkboards which can be made using regular picture frames or old windows. Having the cute frame around the chalkboard makes it that much more presentable.

The how-to to turn anything into a chalkboard is pretty easy. Most hobby and craft stores have chalkboard spray which you simply spray over the area. It's so easy to change anything into a chalkboard and add instant vintage!

Holly Morgan

The word "Love" took a a whole new meaning to me when I found this designer Holly Morgan. This incredible dress would make the perfect Bridesmaid dress to compliment the vintage and romantic style of any bride. I think the color, texture and design are all phenomenal. This dress is beyond amazing, but it would compliment the Bride so well and complete the overall look of the wedding.