{Inspired Style} Vintage Romance

Here we go for day 2 of "Inspired Style" week. Inspired Style is a week long inspiration-fest displaying styles of inspiration. Engaged & Inspired offers "The Inspired Board" to give brides a bit of clarity on their exact wedding vision by combining each style perfectly allowing the overall product of the wedding to be seamlessly cohesive. Looking at all the amazing things the wedding industry offers can leave you majorly inspired, yet totally overwhelmed by all the new ideas you want at your wedding. The Inspired Board gives a sense of clarity and focus to your vision no matter how many different styles you want to add into your special day. Vintage Romance is such a fun style to create through a wedding. There is nothing more whimsical and beautiful as a light and fresh color palette filled with romantic details. Single peonies out of milk jars add an elegance that I totally appreciate in a wedding. Oh and those benches, talk about amazing (and really similar to what I am doing for my wedding!). This color palette inspires love, passion and simplistic romance. Amazing.

Source: Tablescape, Jars, Shoes, Dress, Centerpieces, Vanity

Anyone doing a vintage romantic styled wedding?? Leave a comment and let me know what style wedding you are working with!