A Little Style for Your BM's

I know what you are thinking, Bridesmaid?? Really?? Well, the answer is YES! I love non-traditional BM dresses and styles, and these all just really go outside the box enough to take away that stuffy cookie-cutter wedding feel of bright colored satin. Red Doll, the amazing designer of this collection, really knows her stuff when it comes to silhouette and overall design.

As long as your dress is a "wow" dress, any of these BM dresses would only compliment you as the Bride, not to mention complete the overall look of your wedding by showing a little bit of style! Let the BM's have a little attention when it comes to their outfit, but if you have a fantastic style complete with the perfect hairpiece, shoes, and guarder belt, you will not be out-shined by your BM's.

PS: My all time favorite of this collection, and one I would highly recommend is the top dress!

Holly Morgan

The word "Love" took a a whole new meaning to me when I found this designer Holly Morgan. This incredible dress would make the perfect Bridesmaid dress to compliment the vintage and romantic style of any bride. I think the color, texture and design are all phenomenal. This dress is beyond amazing, but it would compliment the Bride so well and complete the overall look of the wedding.

Fresh Color Palette

Source: SMP

I love this light color palette. Definitely all things I plan to incorporate into my wedding decor!

A white square wedding cake is just to die for.

Simple and white tablescapes with candles.

I love the AMAZING draped pearls on a simple BM dress. It would be fun if I could find antique pearls from antique stores, my grandmas jewelry collection, etc. to make it less expensive and a little more personal.

White pitchers with colored flowers is such a unique detail to add to the sign in and cake table, as well as other spots around the reception. I've been looking around for these hoping to scoop some up from garage sales, etc. After the wedding I am going to use the pitchers around the house as decor!

Keys! I love keys so much and I definitely want to figure out how to add them in the wedding decor. Problem is, I haven't been able to find more than one or two in my searches. I would love to use these for my table cards, but I need to find a lot to be able to do that!

    PS: Does anyone know what that flower is called with the black inside???