Table Talk

This week we began to look into our options for tables, chairs, and everything else that goes along with wedding rentals. What I thought would be a quick in-and-out chat turned into a two plus hour meeting. At the rental place we were helped by a super sweet lady who has coordinated many weddings at our venue. She was extremely helpful and learning about how other couples used the space provided a rough road-map of what works and what does not at the venue.

Up until now I had been envisioning our wedding with rustic wood tables for seating.

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In reality these dream tables would be a pain in the but and a lot more expensive, so I think we are now leaning towards traditional rectangle or circle table with tablecloths.

white dresses5 Source: 1, 2 & 3

white dresses6 Source: 1, 2 & 3

Now onto a search for some unique table linens. How did you choose your wedding reception tables? Did you purchase or rent your table linens?

Engagement Party Details - Treats

I loved the treat table! I went into this a bit already on the "Cakes Pops" post, so check it out if you want to find out how to make those cute cake balls or pops! I got the big diamonds, the napkins and the mason jars from Michaels. The orange and yellow vases were from Crate and Barrel. I am OBSESSED with them. Overall the treat table was a major hit! The little "Cake Pop" tags were made by Print Your Party as well!

I can't seem to find a full picture but we did has a banner from Tucker Reece which said "TREATS" to match the others!

I absolutely loved the details I added to the party! I do wish I had more pictures of the entire space but my brother took the camera for a long time. (If you want to see a ton of pictures of our fence and the flower garden, he took ample photos of that! haha) I'll gather more together and show them too! It was the best engagement party ever, definitely everything I could have asked for.

Want to see more of my engagement party? Check out the engagement party tags, and other engagement party details. Oh and check out these other engagement party or bridal shower desserts on a stick.

Some Fresh Centerpieces


Here are some centerpieces that I really like!

I love the idea of a tray with the numbers leaning against a vase. Plus there is a lot going on in that centerpiece but they all seem to come together!

I want to do do pie favors. My grandma's staple was the apple pie and she taught me all her tricks to making the perfect apple pie. I have sort of taken over this, so I feel like this would be a meaningful favor for guests (not to mention adorable and yummy!) I also thought about doing big square vases too, so I love this tablescape!

Fresh Color Palette

Source: SMP

I love this light color palette. Definitely all things I plan to incorporate into my wedding decor!

A white square wedding cake is just to die for.

Simple and white tablescapes with candles.

I love the AMAZING draped pearls on a simple BM dress. It would be fun if I could find antique pearls from antique stores, my grandmas jewelry collection, etc. to make it less expensive and a little more personal.

White pitchers with colored flowers is such a unique detail to add to the sign in and cake table, as well as other spots around the reception. I've been looking around for these hoping to scoop some up from garage sales, etc. After the wedding I am going to use the pitchers around the house as decor!

Keys! I love keys so much and I definitely want to figure out how to add them in the wedding decor. Problem is, I haven't been able to find more than one or two in my searches. I would love to use these for my table cards, but I need to find a lot to be able to do that!

    PS: Does anyone know what that flower is called with the black inside???