Bridal Shower Favorites

The bridal shower is an exciting time! Let's start with an amazing bridal shower invite such as the one I found from You will need some toppers for your cupcakes, so try these from the pertyfultings Etsy Shop. If you haven't already, announce your bridal party to everyone and give them a cute "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" note like this from Print Your Party!

And finally, GAMES! I'm not the biggest fan of bridal games, but these new ones are amazing! A personalized crossword puzzle (from LoveSmartDesign) and games such as the Print Your Party printable version of the "purse game" (that I talked about playing at Lizzie's Bridal Shower).

Those are the basics of the bridal shower! All personalized and all inexpensive! :) Have fun-it'll be a fun day!

Love Print Your Party

Some of the newest work from Print Your Party!

The major reason why I love Print Your Party is because you can get all the little paper items that you wanted, but for less money! Printing it yourself saves so much money you would be spending, and the designs as fantastic and innovative!

We used them for our engagement party and for our invitations! They were able to make them how I wanted which was really awesome!These new designs just make my head whirl with new bright ideas for my wedding parties :)

Engagement Party Details - Treats

I loved the treat table! I went into this a bit already on the "Cakes Pops" post, so check it out if you want to find out how to make those cute cake balls or pops! I got the big diamonds, the napkins and the mason jars from Michaels. The orange and yellow vases were from Crate and Barrel. I am OBSESSED with them. Overall the treat table was a major hit! The little "Cake Pop" tags were made by Print Your Party as well!

I can't seem to find a full picture but we did has a banner from Tucker Reece which said "TREATS" to match the others!

I absolutely loved the details I added to the party! I do wish I had more pictures of the entire space but my brother took the camera for a long time. (If you want to see a ton of pictures of our fence and the flower garden, he took ample photos of that! haha) I'll gather more together and show them too! It was the best engagement party ever, definitely everything I could have asked for.

Want to see more of my engagement party? Check out the engagement party tags, and other engagement party details. Oh and check out these other engagement party or bridal shower desserts on a stick.

Engagement Party Details - Tags

I was incredibly excited about this idea, but it was one of those that I never had time to actually complete when the event came around. I had the idea of people writing wishes, memories or cute notes to us and hanging them on a tree. I found these "All you need is Love" tags from Tucker Reece, and just fell in love with them! Last minute I decided to go through with the idea and have people write the cute notes and hang them on a tree that we already had in the backyard. I wasn't able to make a cute sign, but fortunately one person asked what it was, and it started a chain reaction of note writing! Loved using the colored Sharpies too. It turned out to be adorable and all the things written were just cute!

The "Wishes" was made by Tucker Reece to go along with the little tags. I grabbed some ribbon (33 cents!!) and really small clothes pins from Michael's and printed some pictures out. That was all I did to create this cute detailed area!

We got some personalized little tags that matched our invitations from Print Your Party. One side said our names and the other had a monogram on it. I hung these between each picture!

Engagement Party Details

It took me a bit, but I finally got all the pics together from the engagement party last weekend, and I am here to share! The event was held at my parent's house with about 50 close friends and family. We had a lot of cute details all about, such as the Cake Pops, and make sure to check out the pic of the two of us and the bridal party!

So, to get started, my parents have a Wet Bar which is incredibly convenient for events such as this! To decorate (prior to my taking them down, my mom had a few porcelain bunnies on display in these shelves which were not going to do!) I simply grabbed two black and white prints and a red planter box that were elsewhere in the house. I picked up two hurricane candle holders and two candles from target. As the event went on, I put all the wine corks in the candle jars which eventually made for a cute decoration. For the bottom shelf I just took a few of the bottles of wine and lined them up! It was such a simple decor process! The "BAR" banner was made by Tucker Reece which I thought added a fantastic personalized addition to the whole thing.

More of the little details to come, but let me show you what the end of the night brought...

Abonfire and lots of chatting :)

Print Your Party!

Print Your Party is such an adorable and affordable idea! This makes it so simple to have that cohesion and theme for your wedding without spending way too much to portray your theme! The above photo is an example of 4 different items with the same theme- see how it brings it all together?

I am planning on using Print Your Party for our engagment party invites and papers. When I get mine I'll show them off!