Bridal Shower Favorites

The bridal shower is an exciting time! Let's start with an amazing bridal shower invite such as the one I found from You will need some toppers for your cupcakes, so try these from the pertyfultings Etsy Shop. If you haven't already, announce your bridal party to everyone and give them a cute "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" note like this from Print Your Party!

And finally, GAMES! I'm not the biggest fan of bridal games, but these new ones are amazing! A personalized crossword puzzle (from LoveSmartDesign) and games such as the Print Your Party printable version of the "purse game" (that I talked about playing at Lizzie's Bridal Shower).

Those are the basics of the bridal shower! All personalized and all inexpensive! :) Have fun-it'll be a fun day!