{Real Brides} Christina :: Blush Pink Spring Wedding

Time to introduce our next bride! Christina is currently living in and planning her wedding from Vienna, Austria but tying the knot in Arizona. This "destination" planning should be a fun one to follow along with. Let's get right over to introducing her.

Name:  Christina Kay
Age:   27
Location:  Arizona
Occupation:   Program Manager (I manage the Bachelor Program at a private university in Austria)
Wedding Date: April 2012
Venue:  Seville Golf & Country Club
 Planner:  Teagan Mercer and myself
Photographer:  Trevor Dayley Photography

Connect with Christina: Pinterest :: Wordpress

About Me: I'm originally from a small town in Illinois but moved to Arizona at age 17 to attend Arizona State University.  I lived (and loved it) there until 2008 when I moved to Vienna, Austria to pursue my MBA.  In addition to Vienna, I studied in both Bangkok and Shanghai and managed to travel to over 20 countries during my two years abroad for school.  Fun fact: I met my fiancé in China but he just so happens to be from Vienna!  We've lived together here in Austria since August 2010 but are getting ready to make the move back to Arizona in the spring.

I love Mexican food, all things pink and sparkly, laying out by the pool, baking cupcakes, reading blogs, celebrity gossip, yoga, my dog Dallas, traveling, and my family, friends & fiancé very much :)

Wedding Style: My fiancé laughs a little every time he hears me describe it.  I'd say the look and vibe we are going for is ''Rustic Glam, Cozy and Cute.''  We are planning a non-traditional wedding that blends both of our cultures into one big, fabulous party.

Our wedding is going to be outdoor + indoor.  The ceremony and cocktail hour will be held outside and the reception will be inside (but the ballroom has doors on all walls that will remain open to the outdoor cocktail area all night for a true indoor/outdoor vibe).  It'll be a pretty, spring wedding with a playful and eclectic vibe.

To get a better idea of my style, take a peek below at some of my inspiration.  I'm looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few months!

Credits:  Dresses, Floral, Cupcakes, Mini Inspiration Board, Blowing Kisses, Bouquet, Table Number, Flags


{Florals} A Little DIY Tablescape Inspiration

The fantastic Kia Gregory sent over some images of a little DIY tablescape she did on a whim after picking some gorgeous wildflowers the other day. Now talk about inspiration central! This whole vintage look is so simple, elegant and just all around amazing. Adding a touch of lace to the table and those chic mirrors (not those ugly ones that come with most venues) definitely sets the tone of the overall vintage centerpiece we've got on our hands.

Such a great addition, those teacups are fantastic!

Now that's what I call table love right here!

Check out Kia Gregory for more gorgeous inspiration!

{Inspiration} Pink and Green Bridal Party

I have been thinking a bit about my bridal party these days! I decided I want to think of something so different for the bridal party that you couldn't even recognize it as a bridal party. I want to think of some attraction that would be the main attraction for the party and get people excited about coming to this super fun party! My idea for decor is Pink and Green because years ago, those were going to be the color of my wedding. I decided against that pretty fast, but since it is just the bridal party, I could definitely get away with that color palette. Pink and green fruit, treats, and drinks! Only pink and green. Super fun little challenge to the party!

Source: Elizabeth Anne, style me pretty, jomygoodnessstyle me pretty

Still thinking of my really great attraction to the party though. Any ideas or anything you have done in the past that you thought was incredibly amazing and chic?? Do tell!

Napa Style - Fresh Spring Wedding

Oh the colors! This wedding is so fresh and bright and fun. Hannah Suh was the gorgeous photographer behind this lovely event. I actually looked at this venue once when I was in Napa. It is a pretty spot with some of the most amazing views!

Such a gorgeous ceremony spot.

I totally love this wooden table and this whole shot. There is just something about it that feels very vintage chic. Gorgeous sign in table :)

Is that I cake or what! I haven't seem something this big and extravagant in a long time. Let's hope it was all eaten (or maybe they saved half of it and froze it so they can have a piece of cake the size of my whole wedding cake!) Either way, that's impressive.

Thanks to Hannah Suh for the feature of this gorgeous Napa Valley wedding.

Pink and Gray

I don't happen to be a fan of pink weddings. I later realized that any color wedding, if done right, can be gorgeous. As with any color it is important not to over saturated the area with your color. Spread it out a little bit by adding neutral colors in between. So here we go with a gorgeous pink and gray inspiration board set out to make those haters of pink weddings realize that it can be done right! Pops of color, pretty much my all time favorite wedding term, are far better than a color or theme which takes over.

Do you have a pink and gray inspiration board?? If these are your colors I would love to see what you are working with!

Source: Elizabeth Anne, Amsale, Erica O'Brian, Lotus Haus,  Orange Beautiful, Pretty Cheeky

Florals To Start Your Day Off Right

To start out the day, I will show off a beautiful bouquet! Of course this photo by The Nichols is stunning in itself, but I'd like to focus your attention to that bouquet for just a moment. I want white, and I want pops of color! So doesn't that seem like the perfect balance of both?

However, here is another idea that I love....and it is pretty much the exact opposite! Bright colored bouquets! I think that is going to be my main problem when planning, it's hard to decide on just one theme! Whatever I do, those little yellow balls will be in my bouquets, I'm pretty much obsessed with those!

What are you looking at for your florals??? Anything particular that you are obsessed with??

Source: Wedding Bee

What are you looking at for your florals??? Anything particular that you are obsessed with?? Which should I go with, white with pops or lots of bold colors?

Wedding Worthy Eye Candy

I am super excited about today's post! First of all, sorry it is incredibly late! I can't upload any photos to the blog at all :( and I am pretty lucky to get this post out as it is! Anyways, enough about that, and let me show off the source of my excitement!

Invitations to the party. Adorable

One of the most amazing dessert tables I have ever laid eyes on!

Source: P is for Party

The colors, the details, the pretty! I just can't get enough of this incredible party! Everything about this is perfect and adorable! The cake even matches the invitation. There is major eye candy to be taken from this, and so much great inspiration for your wedding day. I love every single part of this, down to the straws!

What is the occasion for such an incredible backdrop such as this?? A child's birthday party! Can you believe it? I don't think I have ever had a birthday party that even closely resembled this, but this two year old has "wedding worthy" eye candy for her second birthday! You better believe I am taking insane amount of inspiration from this which are going straight into my planning!

Summer and Boyd Engagement Session

Today we are super excited to show an engagement shoot for Summer and Boyd, a featured vendor of our site. So that you don't become skeptical about what featured vendor means, I will let you in on the story. After looking over their site, I fell in love with Summer and Boyd. I love the soft colors they use and the composition is phenomenal. When you find something as amazing as their photography, you want everyone to know about it. Hence why I created the "featured" vendor because I thought their work was so incredible, it should be shown off!

This engagement shoot is absolutely no exception!

As I said, the composition is just incredible. Check out Summer and Boyd for more eye candy :)

Cupcakes and Cupcake Stands

Via: The Swelle Life I was talking to @realgloss on twitter a bit about cupcake stands. Cupcakes are absolutely amazing, but cupcake stands on the other hand, more often than not look like ugly blocks sitting on top of eachother. I am definitely not a fan.

When I found this which I fell in love with. It has single-handedly changed my opinion of cupcake stands. Maybe, just maybe, there are some cute ones out there!

I haven't been able to find any others that I have fallen in love with besides this. Any recommendations??

I love the idea of cupcakes instead of the wedding cake, but I haven't been able to give up the idea of the "wedding cake" not being at the wedding. With a stand like this though, I could easily change my mind! Cupcakes are way more convenient, little clean-up, no cutting fees, probably a smidge cheaper, and a lot easier to save the left overs. I would love to hear from someone who has actually had cupcakes at their wedding. Did you love having cupcakes???

Newest Inspirations

Source: SMP, MSW, SMP With my venue pretty much in place, I am now starting to visualize an ACTUAL wedding, with actual decor in an actual space. This is quite an exciting part because I can start creating a space, and get into the details!

In one of the first posts I wrote, I disclosed my interesting wedding colors including a slight hint of zebra print! I have never found any zebra incorporated in a wedding until I saw that top photo on Style Me Pretty. The zebra fabric as part of the centerpiece is one of the things I was planning on doing. My centerpiece will be a lot different than that, but doesn't it look awesome with just a touch of zebra on the table??

As far as the favors, this is another thing I have always wanted to do-pie! In a nutshell, my grandma made some incredible apple pie. Every family get-together would include this apple pie of hers and it was always a family favorite (and every time it was highly requested.) Before she passed away I went over to her house and she taught me her techniques of the recipe and her little additions. I then sort of became the "pie person" at that point. I think it would be very cool if I made little pies as the favor for each guests in honor of my grandma :) (The downside-I am making all the pies! eeks) I would tie it with some baker's twine and a little personalized tag! Ador.

I want to do something really simple with the centerpieces, and those white flowers seem like a good idea! They have taken over as my favorite flower. But ranunculus is still pretty high on my list!

The first draft of the centerpieces are almost finalized. I am going to create a mock-up and then I will post those! How about you guys?? Any little details you are so excited about??