{SALE} Melissa Sweet, Baker's Twine and Kraft Paper Tags

Hello again! I figure now is a good time to share all the wedding goodness I have for sale. Apparently I have this strange habit of buying in bulk because I never can measure how much I am really going to need. And after I am all done with it, I sell it brides like you who are looking for these necessary items for a very inexpensive price. So, here goes the list of sale items {which, if I might add, really is ever-expanding} Melissa Sweet Wedding Dress:

Now, I can't post any photos of the dress on the blog, but if you want to see which one it is, you can e-mail me at littlemissengaged@gmail.com and I can send you the listing. I will tell you that it is from the Spring 2011 collection and I paid $5200 and am selling it for $3500. It is a size 2 but can be taken in or out.

Baker's Twine:

Everyone seems to need this at some point during their wedding. Really, it's a total necessity! I am using navy blue and white ALL over the place. Here is the deal, you really can't find this stuff at the prices I am selling it for and I am only selling it for so cheap because once I made up my mind and used all that I needed, well, I had A LOT left over! I can send you a variety of colors, or any amount from 25 yards to 1,000 yards of this stuff! {25 yards: $1, 100 yards: $3, 250 yards: $7.)

Colors: red/white, navy blue/white, baby blue/white, light green/white, dark green/white, and brown/white.

Kraft Paper Shipping Tags:

Next up we have a total trend of the season, kraft paper shipping tags. Use these for save the dates, escort cards, tags, labels, etc. etc. etc. Really, the list goes on and on and on. The size of these tags are 3 3/4 x 2 1.2 inches.

Melissa Sweet Wedding Dress:

Now, I can't post any photos of the dress on the blog, but if you want to see which one it is, you can e-mail me at littlemissengaged@gmail.com and I can send you the listing. I will tell you that it is from the Spring 2011 collection and I paid $5200 and am selling it for $3500. It is a size 2 but can be taken in or out.

More to come soon :) Like actual designs and stuff like that. Super duper excited about all of that when I finally get to share.

Dress {Check} Shoes {Check}!

While I was busy planning the details and trying to forget that I even needed a dress for the wedding, I somehow stumbled across the perfect one! It's a bit edgy, a bit fun and the exact style I want! I can't post any pictures here, but I assure you, it's a totally awesome gown by Melissa Sweet from the upcoming Spring 2011 collection. I went to the Pricilla of Boston store about 4 times in a week, and yesterday I finally purchased the dress! Ian's brother and sister came into town on Sunday, so I was able to try on the dress for his sister and his mom. It is being custom fitted to me, we are adding a few buttons and making it a sweetheart neckline. The best part about this whole trip, I got 20% off the dress! It was still rather expensive, but I still feel good about getting a deal!

Somehow I stumbled across the shoes out of nowhere and purchased those as well. The deal?? 75% off! I only spent $200 on this fantastic pair of statement heels.

Can't wait to wear these babies at the wedding!

I tried on most of these Melissa Sweet dresses. Though they are all gorgeous, there was something was wasn't wowing me like it was on the dress I choose! Which is your favorite?

And now let's introduce Melissa Sweet to Christian Louboutin since they will be partnered up on my wedding day. These are a few of the runner-up shoes styles that I was deciding between.

Ok, enough about me! How was everyone's weekend?? What items did you check off your wedding to-do list?? Try on dresses, finish the favors, send out the invites, tie the knot?? I would love to hear about your weekend.

Let’s Talk Dresses

Ian has gone camping for a few days. This means three things for me. First, that I have no sense of bedtime and ended up working far far into the night last night (but got SO much done!) When I finally did decide to go to bed, I couldn't sleep. Sleeping alone is slightly uncomfortable and a little scary actually, especially since it was the first time being alone in the new house. Second, that I couldn't watch any TV because I don't know how to turn the darn thing on! I'm telling you, this TV has more cords/connections/etc. than I have ever seen before. It's confusing and since we just moved in I have yet to figure out how to turn it all on. And finally, the third and BEST part about him being away...we can talk DRESSES on the blog today!!!! :) So, without further ado, let's get it going! I was all for the Vera Wang Diana Dress, but recently decided to change up my style a little bit to get something that makes me look skinny. But, I am not a fan of a really big transition from pencil dress to Cinderella dress. I want something right in the middle. Oh I kind of like the idea of a tafetta or something like that. Not a fan of satin and not a fan of lace. Ok, that was me babbling about the tiny bit I know about my dress....which I realize may not make any sense.

Oh and I totally plan on getting a recycled dress. Why am I doing that you ask? Because I'm on a budget and I refuse to give up my Vera Wang style for a "budget" dress. It's all about being smart about the money, but the wedding doesn't have to look like I was skimpy! So, that's my reasoning.

First off is a Nicole Miller dress which looks incredible in this professional photo shoot. I have seen a few pictures of the dress and I don't totally know if the fabric is the right choice, but I love the shape of this one.

This is a Marisa style. This one may be a little too trumpet for me, but I love that back! It just flows and is gorgeous! Again, I am fully getting pulled in by the photos thinking maybe it will look the same on me!

And finally, my favorite, the Melissa Sweet option! Just like the others, I may be slightly obsessed with this one because she looks so amazing in it but this one has something to it that I think it would look great on me. That top right photo is exactly what I mean with the style dress I want. It does a little bit of both in a great transition. The seller lives in LA (5 hours away) but I may take a little trip down to try it on.

So what do you guys think? First of all, are you considering buying a recycled dress or planning on selling yours after the fact? Any current dress obsessions?? I have to hurry and find the dress seeing as the wedding is just 7 short months away!

Pink and Gray

I don't happen to be a fan of pink weddings. I later realized that any color wedding, if done right, can be gorgeous. As with any color it is important not to over saturated the area with your color. Spread it out a little bit by adding neutral colors in between. So here we go with a gorgeous pink and gray inspiration board set out to make those haters of pink weddings realize that it can be done right! Pops of color, pretty much my all time favorite wedding term, are far better than a color or theme which takes over.

Do you have a pink and gray inspiration board?? If these are your colors I would love to see what you are working with!

Source: Elizabeth Anne, Amsale, Erica O'Brian, Lotus Haus,  Orange Beautiful, Pretty Cheeky

Red, Inspired

Source: William Sonoma, One Love Photography, Melissa Sweet, One Charming Party

I'm no fan of the cookie cutter red and white wedding, which may be why I have stayed away from doing red and white inspiration boards. But these gorgeous pieces just came together perfectly and the result was love. Mix anemone flowers, Melissa Sweet and Louboutin, and this amazing combo will leave you swooning.

Smart Bride - LVC Mag Guest Post

With the “budget bride” becoming the new big thing, lots of new wedding resources are sprouting up to handle the need of this new kind of bride. But there is one thing taking popularity faster than the rest – recycled wedding dresses. Bring it on! The days of spending money to preserve and box your gown so you can add it to the stuff already in your closet are over! Check out the rest of the article I wrote about Smart Bride over on LVC Mag!