Let’s Talk Dresses

Ian has gone camping for a few days. This means three things for me. First, that I have no sense of bedtime and ended up working far far into the night last night (but got SO much done!) When I finally did decide to go to bed, I couldn't sleep. Sleeping alone is slightly uncomfortable and a little scary actually, especially since it was the first time being alone in the new house. Second, that I couldn't watch any TV because I don't know how to turn the darn thing on! I'm telling you, this TV has more cords/connections/etc. than I have ever seen before. It's confusing and since we just moved in I have yet to figure out how to turn it all on. And finally, the third and BEST part about him being away...we can talk DRESSES on the blog today!!!! :) So, without further ado, let's get it going! I was all for the Vera Wang Diana Dress, but recently decided to change up my style a little bit to get something that makes me look skinny. But, I am not a fan of a really big transition from pencil dress to Cinderella dress. I want something right in the middle. Oh I kind of like the idea of a tafetta or something like that. Not a fan of satin and not a fan of lace. Ok, that was me babbling about the tiny bit I know about my dress....which I realize may not make any sense.

Oh and I totally plan on getting a recycled dress. Why am I doing that you ask? Because I'm on a budget and I refuse to give up my Vera Wang style for a "budget" dress. It's all about being smart about the money, but the wedding doesn't have to look like I was skimpy! So, that's my reasoning.

First off is a Nicole Miller dress which looks incredible in this professional photo shoot. I have seen a few pictures of the dress and I don't totally know if the fabric is the right choice, but I love the shape of this one.

This is a Marisa style. This one may be a little too trumpet for me, but I love that back! It just flows and is gorgeous! Again, I am fully getting pulled in by the photos thinking maybe it will look the same on me!

And finally, my favorite, the Melissa Sweet option! Just like the others, I may be slightly obsessed with this one because she looks so amazing in it but this one has something to it that I think it would look great on me. That top right photo is exactly what I mean with the style dress I want. It does a little bit of both in a great transition. The seller lives in LA (5 hours away) but I may take a little trip down to try it on.

So what do you guys think? First of all, are you considering buying a recycled dress or planning on selling yours after the fact? Any current dress obsessions?? I have to hurry and find the dress seeing as the wedding is just 7 short months away!