{Weekly Recap} Dress Love.Venue Found.

Is this your first time over here?? Take a look around and make sure you are following us on Twitter. Only fun things to come from our Twitter feeds. I'm Allison, planning my April 2011 wedding at Holman Ranch in Carmel, CA. Follow along on my journey, and check out some of the other cute details I have come across!

Today was a very fun week for me! I secured the venue, figured out a lot of cute details to use, and found some great vendors. All while working with Ian on the new site, and getting another really fun writing job. I can't wait for this wedding now that I can picture it all. It's going to be a blast! This week I definitely talked a lot about dresses as it is something I think I need to get pretty quickly.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter as that is where a lot of my fun banter goes! Oh and I was offered an Ipad to use for a fun giveaway. This may be dumb but I just want to see if there is interest in that and if anyone has any fun ideas of how I could give it away, I would love to hear! :) Ok, now onto the fun events from last week.

First there was the dress I found online which I fell in love with. It may just be the photos, but I was definitely loving this design! Going to go try it on and see how it looks! YAY

This is one of my most favorite ideas ever! Paper straws. I am totally obsessed and totally using these for the wedding :) They are going to be incredibly awesome too.

Oh and BTW, VENUE FOUND! Eeeeps. It's totally done. That whole long search, yay! Check out the venue pics here.

Here is a shot of my favorite dress ever! I contacted the photographer to see if I could find out who makes the dress or if she was selling it or something! But this is definitely my dress inspiration.

Here are some definite dessert must-haves that I love. Macaroons, cupcakes and cookies and milk. Such yummy alternatives for bridal showers, engagement parties, and just about anything else!

Oh and finally, check out our giveaway that we have going on. Ian and I are starting a new site and need some feedback. In return, one lucky bride and one lucky vendor will will their choice of these super cute wine glasses in exchange for helping us out! Thanks so much in advance.