Thinking Beyond the Cake

Happy almost Valentine's Day! I can't stop thinking about sweets this week. There are so many cute and creative ways to tie your favorite confections into your wedding day. From the get-go my fiance and I liked the idea of doing something different from the traditional wedding cake.

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Milk and cookies. Yum.


I love what this couple did - instead of having a wedding cake, they had a wedding cake-shaped piñata and then did a french croquembouche for dessert - that translates to 'crunch in the mouth'!


Macaroons are adorable and come in endless colors and flavors.



Donuts - always a crowd-pleaser.


And you can't go wrong with ice cream. I'm actually eating some raspberry sorbet as I type this right now :-)

Did you decide to forgo the wedding cake? What are you going to do instead?

Holding onto Spring

I don't know about you guys, but I'm holding onto the thought of spring. Maybe it is because I feel fully jipped by California's idea of summer this year, or maybe it is because come next Spring I will be getting married, but either way, I'm loving and I'm holding onto it! So I am putting forth a little spring inspiration board for us all. It is a bit harder to plan a spring wedding when all the upcoming inspiration is going to be winter-ific! I love winter weddings, so I am hoping I am not tempted with too many amazing color palettes, winter ideas, etc. How many people are doing succulents? I have definitely been contemplating them recently. Oh and isn't that mailbox the CUTEST way to get your gifts?? I think it's incredible. And of course macaroons in a chalkboard bowl, what else do you need?

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PS: I have been sick for the last several days (it's been 5+ years since my last sickness) so I've had better days. But, today I went to Starbucks to get a Chamomile tea and finally do some blogging and what do you know, I spilled the whole hot thing :( The guy was super dooper nice and gave me another, and luckily my computer ended up being ok! Close one though. Definitely a close one. I'm grateful for the nice Starbucks man though, I need this tea!

{Sweets} Dessert Must-Haves

First off, thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaway so far! Remember, there is a prize for one bride and one vendor! So get going with those entries if you haven't already! Now onto some devilish we get to sit and look at all these desserts that we want to be in our mouths! But instead, we are dieting until the wedding. Shucks. Well, at least we get to look at the amazing shots of yummy desserts, right?

I know I have posted before about macaroons, and what can I say, I just can't seem to get enough of these babies. The colors, the shapes, the taste, there just isn't anything wrong with macaroons. I'm trying my hand at making home-made macaroons in a few weeks. I don't know how it will go, but I'll definitely have an update after I am done.

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Whether you are making a macaroon cake, plan to use these as your favors, or are just offering them on your dessert table, french macaroons will just add that something extra for your wow-factor wedding. I should probably figure out how to add these into my wedding, or maybe my bridal shower??

{Source} Milk and Cookie Display, Milk Bottle, Milk and Cookie Glasses

Cookies and Milk. If you can make cookies and milk look like a gourmet dessert, then props to you. This simple, childhood dessert has really come up there to become such a unique idea for a wedding. Oh and milk bottles! You could do so much by adding milk bottles! So amazing :)

{Source} Small cupcakes, Tiffany's Treat, Cupcake Stand

And of course, cupcakes! These little mini cakes can be the most amazing thing ever! The options of decor are insane, and you could pretty much add them to any event and make them look epic. And is that "Tiffanys Treat" photo not the greatest thing ever?? It was for a bridal shower. The whole idea is just amazing!

{Inspired Style} Vintage Tea Party

Ahhhh the Vintage Tea Party. So simple, so chic and so classic. The colors and textures are so whimsical and fun. Just imagine something as classic as this in a venue such as an old barn or rundown field. The two opposites definitely know how to attract to create perfection. And those music sheet flower holders, I sense a DIY in my future!

Source: Vera Wang, Bride Tea Cup, Tablescape, Music sheets, macaroons, pearls

Anyone doing a vintage look quite like this?? Do Tell!

Red, Inspired

Source: William Sonoma, One Love Photography, Melissa Sweet, One Charming Party

I'm no fan of the cookie cutter red and white wedding, which may be why I have stayed away from doing red and white inspiration boards. But these gorgeous pieces just came together perfectly and the result was love. Mix anemone flowers, Melissa Sweet and Louboutin, and this amazing combo will leave you swooning.

Parisian Love

When food becomes art and a source of pure inspiration, magnificence enters into the picture and the outcome is some of the most amazing photographs ever. The colors, the texture, and oh ya, the taste! This Parisian dessert has pretty much taken the world by storm as the newest "it" inspiration for all, and it is no different when it comes to weddings.

Amazing. I love ring pictures, but this one takes the cake as the best yet!

These desserts add the "wow" factor to any cake they become a part of. These extremely creative wedding cake ideas are just gorgeous, and definitely unlike anything I have seen yet!

The soft color palette of these desserts offer endless possibilities. Be sure to include this must-have treat into your wedding plans, even if it is just the bridal shower or engagement party!

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