{Vera Wang + J Crew} Textured Up

One of the most gorgeous things about a wedding is texture. Whether it is the view from the ceremony, the building of the reception, or the floral arrangements, creating complimenting textures throughout the space makes for a totally gorgeous event. I love that dresses are taking this same turn by creating an interesting an unique approach to the plain old white dress. Of course Vera Wang just hit the ball out of the park with these dresses. We saw this back with the Diana dress, and here she goes again with another line of multi-dimensional dresses. Oh how I would die to wear this.

J Crew started the whole "lets become a wedding shop" with their totally incredible line of dresses. Again, talk about texture and fabric choices that otherwise haven't been seen all too often. Now we are awaiting Anthropologie's new line and now have a variety of "department store" brands to turn to.

Who else is loving these totally unique textures? I actually purchased a dress that has a lot of texture and a lot of interesting components, so of course I am totally loving this. In all reality, it is much more couture, and I like couture.

And since no look is complete without an amazing pair of shoes, and I am a little wild in the style department, here are two pairs of Louboutin's that would look phenom with these dresses.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Or the Lack Thereof

Ok everyone! Now that I have finally (almost) found the venue, I am getting re-inspired by everything I can do with the space. But, I do have one more daunting task ahead of me. The Dress. There are some amazing dresses out there, but let's face it, a majority of the dress selection in the world is pretty hideous. I feel like this is going to be "venue search number 2" because it is one thing that I refuse to waiver on, and I refuse to have not be perfect.

I'm hoping to just find a really good deal on a dress online without even having to deal with going actual dress shopping. I know what I want and I know what looks good on my body, but now it is just a matter of someone actually MAKING that!

So, if anyone finds a dress (or HAS one!) that looks similar to these styles, send them over! Oh and I am totally ok with the whole recycled wedding dress thing, so don't be shy people!

This dress is incredible.

Other than that, I love the fabric of the one above. And I love how she is UBER skinny on top but it is still nice and full down below. It's like a mermaid cut, but a little bit more full. Oh and always strapless!

In other news, I am SO excited about this venue meeting tomorrow.:) Just had to throw that out there.

Oh and in more other news, what are you guys looking at wearing?? What styles, fabrics, bodices, etc. etc???

{Inspired Style} Vintage Tea Party

Ahhhh the Vintage Tea Party. So simple, so chic and so classic. The colors and textures are so whimsical and fun. Just imagine something as classic as this in a venue such as an old barn or rundown field. The two opposites definitely know how to attract to create perfection. And those music sheet flower holders, I sense a DIY in my future!

Source: Vera Wang, Bride Tea Cup, Tablescape, Music sheets, macaroons, pearls

Anyone doing a vintage look quite like this?? Do Tell!

Vera Wang - Spring 2011 Wedding Dress Collection

And here I will end off the day with her latest collection, Spring 2011. Again with the soft ruffles and edgy yet classy silhouettes! Her latest collection literally is to die for!

Now that I have shown you a glimpse of my dress obsessions, what brand, style, look are you going for with your bridal look??

Vera Wang - Fall 2010 Wedding Dress Collection

Next up in my "obsession with Vera Wang" day would be the Fall 2010 collection! I love so many of these dresses! The way nothing about them is conventional is just amazing to me. I most definitely want a dress that is so unlike any other, but still classy and chic.

And let's give her a few brownie points for the photo shoot of thus collection. The small black accents are so well thought out!

I think I want black amazingly cute black accents now! :)

Vera Wang Wedding Dress Collection – Diana and Dorothy {My Faves}

Today I am in a major Vera Wang mood! I have been looking at her newest collections over and over again. Just when I thought I was safe in picking the dress I want, she has to come out with more to-die-for choices! She really can't go wrong when it comes to bridal, or really anything else for that matter! The thing I am definitely looking forward to the least is the dress. Weird huh? I know, but I have a good explanation. Basically this is probably the one thing that I won't settle on. This is the one aspect that has to be exactly the way I want it to be, no matter the price range. The thought of trying on "off the rack" dresses and then not being satisfied, eeks!

I KNOW I want Vera Wang, and these were the two I have picked. The Dorothy and the Diana. Both are BEYOND incredible works of art, and I would probably be happy with either.

So, I started checking out the "recycled gown" scene a bit to see what I could find. Luckily, there are tons of "Diana" dresses around, so that's good. But the less known, more artistic and definitely more "statement" of the two dresses, the Dorothy (top left) is no where to be found at all. I am going to keep the search going since I have a bit of time though!

Later to come, the collections since her Spring 2010, more to-die-for eye candy coming on the dress front!

Our Colors

We have been engaged for just short of two months now. With the extreme wedding obsession I am known for having, it would make sense that my wedding would be fully planned, and at one point I thought it was. But after the actual engagement occurred, my head seemed to start spinning with hundreds of ideas, and I couldn't focus it anymore! Here is my first inspiration board of my the wedding. I am sure there will be tons more to follow as I change my plans and add on more ideas and colors.

White Ivory Fuchsia Orange Purple Yellow Gray Zebra print (brown and ivory, not black and white)

Those are the colors of our wedding. I know it is a bit of a mish-mash and I know it might sound a bit crazy, but I definitely know what I am thinking for this one.

Here is my little plan. I love white and I want to incorporate that as much as possible! I want small accents of spring colors for the flowers, paper details, and favors. The dresses will probably be gray. The last thing I want to add is a very small amount of zebra print, maybe on chair cushions, runners, or throw pillows.

I plan to create a "pop" effect with the wedding colors and focus on the small details to bring the whole thing together without overwhelming the space with too much color.

What do you think about the color scheme and ideas so far?? I want to see other brides inspiration boards, so feel free to e-mail them to me. :)

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Photo credit: top left: Etsy, Pears and Flowers: Martha Stewart Weddings, Dress: Vera Wang, BM Dress: Sarah Seven, Invites: Alee Press