Wedding Dress Shopping - Or the Lack Thereof

Ok everyone! Now that I have finally (almost) found the venue, I am getting re-inspired by everything I can do with the space. But, I do have one more daunting task ahead of me. The Dress. There are some amazing dresses out there, but let's face it, a majority of the dress selection in the world is pretty hideous. I feel like this is going to be "venue search number 2" because it is one thing that I refuse to waiver on, and I refuse to have not be perfect.

I'm hoping to just find a really good deal on a dress online without even having to deal with going actual dress shopping. I know what I want and I know what looks good on my body, but now it is just a matter of someone actually MAKING that!

So, if anyone finds a dress (or HAS one!) that looks similar to these styles, send them over! Oh and I am totally ok with the whole recycled wedding dress thing, so don't be shy people!

This dress is incredible.

Other than that, I love the fabric of the one above. And I love how she is UBER skinny on top but it is still nice and full down below. It's like a mermaid cut, but a little bit more full. Oh and always strapless!

In other news, I am SO excited about this venue meeting tomorrow.:) Just had to throw that out there.

Oh and in more other news, what are you guys looking at wearing?? What styles, fabrics, bodices, etc. etc???