Thinking Beyond the Cake

Happy almost Valentine's Day! I can't stop thinking about sweets this week. There are so many cute and creative ways to tie your favorite confections into your wedding day. From the get-go my fiance and I liked the idea of doing something different from the traditional wedding cake.

Source: left, right

Milk and cookies. Yum.


I love what this couple did - instead of having a wedding cake, they had a wedding cake-shaped piñata and then did a french croquembouche for dessert - that translates to 'crunch in the mouth'!


Macaroons are adorable and come in endless colors and flavors.



Donuts - always a crowd-pleaser.


And you can't go wrong with ice cream. I'm actually eating some raspberry sorbet as I type this right now :-)

Did you decide to forgo the wedding cake? What are you going to do instead?

DIY Cake Topper Cutouts

I've seen so many cute silhouette cake toppers on Pinterest lately, that I thought I'd have a stab at my own. And while I'm at it, why not personalize it? If you recall, our Save the Dates had a little pirate theme that we screen printed. I wanted to replicate that design for our cake toppers. So, here we go... here's how to make customized cake topper cutouts!

Materials needed:

- Paper (I used cardstock black and glitter red from Paper Source)

- Wooden Skewers

- X-Acto Knife

- Mat for cutting

- Glue (I used Elmer's)

- Printouts of what you want your silhouettes to be

- Heavy books

- Scotch tape

For a double sided cake topper, like the hearts I made, fold your paper in half and tape it closed on the sides. Then tape your stencil to the paper, so it doesn't slide around when you're cutting.

Trace the stencil lines, pushing as hard as you can! You have 3 layers of paper to get through, but don't worry if you can't cut all of the way through. If you're like me and don't have the willpower to cut through all 3 layers of paper, take your stencil off, and trace back over the lines you cut with your X-Acto knife, pushing all of the way through the paper.



Match up the hearts (or whatever shape you're doing) that are the same size, and put glue on the backs of just one of each of the pairs. Then stick the wooden skewer on the middle of the heart with glue, with the pointy side inside of the heart (leaving the blunt end of the skewer at the other end - basically the opposite of what I'm showing below). Roll the stick around a bit to spread the glue.


Press the matching hearts together, pushing them together around the skewer. Wipe off any glue that squeezes out of the sides. Then cover each half of the heart with a heavy book. Basically, push two books up next to each other so they both meet at the skewer. Leave it alone for a day as it dries!


When the hearts are dry, take your X-Acto knife and cut around the edges so there are no white spots sticking out. You may also want to color in the white edges with a red pen (or whatever colors you're using), so you don't see any white. And now you have some cute glittery heart cake toppers!

As for a more complicated stencil, where you probably only want to cut out one silhouette (because cutting out matching ones would be impossible!), it's all basically the same. You just have to be much more careful when you're cutting.


Once you think you have the entire stencil cut out, remove the stencil from your paper. Finish cutting all of the lines and corners very carefully directly on the paper, so it pops out clean and easy. Then glue or tape your cutout to a skewer.

Then stick it on a cake, take a picture, and eat the cake. You've earned it!

I rather enjoyed this delicious vegan chocolate cake from Café Indigo after all of this :)

Sweet Tooth Central

This past weekend Derek and I hit up a local french cafe and pastry shop Petite Reve Cafe we had been meaning to try and were pleasantly surprised with some wedding cake inspiration. What could be better than hundreds of layers of crepes to impress your guests? While waiting for our coffees Derek spotted some photos of some stunning crepe wedding cakes.  He spoke with the owner and learned that she is one of the only people on the West Coast who makes theses special cakes and that they can be customized with any flavor filling and to match our wedding flowers.

Sources: Lavendar & Twine (1, 3 & 4), N Barrett Photography (2)

With dessert being one of our favorite things in the world (no meal is complete without amazing dessert!), we have some pretty big sweet teeth to satisfy for our wedding day. With so many wedding cake options these days we would like to do something a little less traditional and on the smaller side for ours, especially since it seems like most guests do not even end up eating the wedding cake and we plan to have several other dessert options.

Sources: 1, 2 & 3

For me, the simpler the cake, the better.

Sources: 1 & 2

And, of course we have a special sweet spot for cake pops too.


Sources: 1 & 2

More to come in the next few weeks on our other non-cake dessert ideas.

How did you decide on your wedding cake? Did you go for a less traditional option? I certainly can't wait to start tasting!





cute & crafty :: {cake toppers}

Now that many of the big tasks have been crossed off my list, it's time to address the details. One in particular that intrigues me is the cake topper.  Many modern brides opt to not include the cake topper on their wedding cake. I, however, would like to have one that's unique and a little vintage looking. Here are some images that inspired me:

Source: 1, 2, 3

Source: left, right


Source: 1, 2, 3

Source: left, right

Source: left, right

The vintage cake topper on the right was given to me as a gift by my future sister-in-law, Vanessa. I am absolutely in love with it and can't wait to see what it will look like on our wedding cake :) Did you read my past post on wedding cakes? If not, you can check it out here!

Are you planning on using a cake topper? If so, what's your style? Will you be making one yourself, buying something vintage, or perhaps looking for one on Etsy?

My Wedding Cake Inspiration

Pretty sure this post couldn't have been any later! OMG, these days have been a bit much for my taste. But, it is all in good fun, so I can't really complain. And now, speaking of taste, let's talk cakes! Finally, the fun and tasty part! I get to go meet some amazing bakers and create an amazing design and yummy tasting cake. I think this is going to be incredibly fun! These are some of my favorite cakes and as you can see, I like something a little more modern and unique and a little less dumb looking. ( my words) As you can also see, I have a love for ginormous flowers. That will be a recurring things throughout the wedding, but as far as my cake goes, I plan on treating it like a couture dress. I want it to be classy and chic but totally unexpected and amazing. It needs to have a definite "wow-factor".

As a quick side note to any bakers out there, us brides appreciate really amazing websites and really amazing photography. A lot of people need a redesign on their site fast!

My fave of all faves is that one on the lower right, with the massive flower over taking the cake. It is just gorgeous. And I am looking for that butter cream or more textured frosting, none of this fondant stuff (unless it looks phenmon!). And definitely doing a white cake with berries, none of this chocolate-lovers stuff.

Recently, I was totally drawn to Hilary Duff's wedding cake though. No frosting and so chic! I would totally go this direction if I was not a frosting fan, but the fact of the matter is, I like the frosting more than the cake!

Amazing right??

And last but not least, I am not planning on leaving my gluten-free friends hanging. It may just be that I want to create my own mini dessert bar at the wedding, either way though, I am going to take care of them (which is actually over 20 people!) with some cute little cupcake tiers on either side of the cake. This way I get the best of both worlds, cake and cupcakes, I get to create an amazing dessert table, AND they will be happy and fed and just as fat as the rest of us that had regular cake!

Bridal Shower Sweets

Yummy yummy yummy! These mini treats go perfectly with showering a bride with gifts, don't you think??

I love that cupcake bouquet! I have to figure out how to make one of those to give to at least the bridesmaids! How cute would that be?

Source: Style Sweet, Cupcake Takes the Cake

Other options if you aren't into these mini treats-small 2 layered cake. These are grogeous and oh so cute! If you are doing cupcakes for you wedding, maybe you can switch it up and serve a mini cake at your bridal shower.

Source: Twiweddings and a dog, lauren Ratliff

Cupcakes and Cupcake Stands

Via: The Swelle Life I was talking to @realgloss on twitter a bit about cupcake stands. Cupcakes are absolutely amazing, but cupcake stands on the other hand, more often than not look like ugly blocks sitting on top of eachother. I am definitely not a fan.

When I found this which I fell in love with. It has single-handedly changed my opinion of cupcake stands. Maybe, just maybe, there are some cute ones out there!

I haven't been able to find any others that I have fallen in love with besides this. Any recommendations??

I love the idea of cupcakes instead of the wedding cake, but I haven't been able to give up the idea of the "wedding cake" not being at the wedding. With a stand like this though, I could easily change my mind! Cupcakes are way more convenient, little clean-up, no cutting fees, probably a smidge cheaper, and a lot easier to save the left overs. I would love to hear from someone who has actually had cupcakes at their wedding. Did you love having cupcakes???