My Wedding Cake Inspiration

Pretty sure this post couldn't have been any later! OMG, these days have been a bit much for my taste. But, it is all in good fun, so I can't really complain. And now, speaking of taste, let's talk cakes! Finally, the fun and tasty part! I get to go meet some amazing bakers and create an amazing design and yummy tasting cake. I think this is going to be incredibly fun! These are some of my favorite cakes and as you can see, I like something a little more modern and unique and a little less dumb looking. ( my words) As you can also see, I have a love for ginormous flowers. That will be a recurring things throughout the wedding, but as far as my cake goes, I plan on treating it like a couture dress. I want it to be classy and chic but totally unexpected and amazing. It needs to have a definite "wow-factor".

As a quick side note to any bakers out there, us brides appreciate really amazing websites and really amazing photography. A lot of people need a redesign on their site fast!

My fave of all faves is that one on the lower right, with the massive flower over taking the cake. It is just gorgeous. And I am looking for that butter cream or more textured frosting, none of this fondant stuff (unless it looks phenmon!). And definitely doing a white cake with berries, none of this chocolate-lovers stuff.

Recently, I was totally drawn to Hilary Duff's wedding cake though. No frosting and so chic! I would totally go this direction if I was not a frosting fan, but the fact of the matter is, I like the frosting more than the cake!

Amazing right??

And last but not least, I am not planning on leaving my gluten-free friends hanging. It may just be that I want to create my own mini dessert bar at the wedding, either way though, I am going to take care of them (which is actually over 20 people!) with some cute little cupcake tiers on either side of the cake. This way I get the best of both worlds, cake and cupcakes, I get to create an amazing dessert table, AND they will be happy and fed and just as fat as the rest of us that had regular cake!