Dress {Check} Shoes {Check}!

While I was busy planning the details and trying to forget that I even needed a dress for the wedding, I somehow stumbled across the perfect one! It's a bit edgy, a bit fun and the exact style I want! I can't post any pictures here, but I assure you, it's a totally awesome gown by Melissa Sweet from the upcoming Spring 2011 collection. I went to the Pricilla of Boston store about 4 times in a week, and yesterday I finally purchased the dress! Ian's brother and sister came into town on Sunday, so I was able to try on the dress for his sister and his mom. It is being custom fitted to me, we are adding a few buttons and making it a sweetheart neckline. The best part about this whole trip, I got 20% off the dress! It was still rather expensive, but I still feel good about getting a deal!

Somehow I stumbled across the shoes out of nowhere and purchased those as well. The deal?? 75% off! I only spent $200 on this fantastic pair of statement heels.

Can't wait to wear these babies at the wedding!

I tried on most of these Melissa Sweet dresses. Though they are all gorgeous, there was something was wasn't wowing me like it was on the dress I choose! Which is your favorite?

And now let's introduce Melissa Sweet to Christian Louboutin since they will be partnered up on my wedding day. These are a few of the runner-up shoes styles that I was deciding between.

Ok, enough about me! How was everyone's weekend?? What items did you check off your wedding to-do list?? Try on dresses, finish the favors, send out the invites, tie the knot?? I would love to hear about your weekend.