{Inspiration} Pink and Green Bridal Party

I have been thinking a bit about my bridal party these days! I decided I want to think of something so different for the bridal party that you couldn't even recognize it as a bridal party. I want to think of some attraction that would be the main attraction for the party and get people excited about coming to this super fun party! My idea for decor is Pink and Green because years ago, those were going to be the color of my wedding. I decided against that pretty fast, but since it is just the bridal party, I could definitely get away with that color palette. Pink and green fruit, treats, and drinks! Only pink and green. Super fun little challenge to the party!

Source: Elizabeth Anne, style me pretty, jomygoodnessstyle me pretty

Still thinking of my really great attraction to the party though. Any ideas or anything you have done in the past that you thought was incredibly amazing and chic?? Do tell!