Chalkboards Add Instant Vintage

Source: Sarah Hearts, Vintage Amethyst, Little White Book, Get Married, Joy De Vivre, Elizabeth Anne, Wedding Paper Divas, I have a serious obsession with chalkboards. I plan to use these a lot in my wedding plans to add a touch of vintage to the space. There are so many different ways to display chalkboards, and the how-to is incredibly easy!

Recently, people have been using chalkboard tape to add a little something extra to containers. Then there are more traditional chalkboards which can be made using regular picture frames or old windows. Having the cute frame around the chalkboard makes it that much more presentable.

The how-to to turn anything into a chalkboard is pretty easy. Most hobby and craft stores have chalkboard spray which you simply spray over the area. It's so easy to change anything into a chalkboard and add instant vintage!