Milk Anyone?

What is this obsession I am having with food products?? This is so unlike myself seeing as I am the one that would be fine having no food at all. Anyways, I guess I'll keep the super cute ideas coming, but I hope everyone that comes to my wedding is aware of the fact that they will be gaining about 10 pounds that night with all these sugary treats! (We will just have to burn it all off with hours upon hours of dancing!) So my new thing, Milk. I know it sounds slightly lame, but I love these cute little milk jars in ice. Plus when people are eating their cake or pies, milk is the best thing. Of course, milk and wine don't quite mix, but even if no one drinks the milk, it will look super dooper cute sitting in tubs all around the reception! :)

Source: Jolie Jolie, Caroline Tran

Cute right??? Is this a good alternative to alcohol when eating your cake?? I kind of think so!