Groom Fashion {navy suits}

This past week my fiancé sent the suit we picked out to the groomsmen to order. We had been looking for a nice navy suit for a while with no luck. It was not the easiest color to find at rental companies, so we thought if we could find it for under $200 (not too much more than a rental), we would ask the guys to buy them. We were super excited when our friend had the idea of J.Crew's Factory store and the suits were nice and affordable. My post on the full color scheme can be found here.

Now that we have the suits picked out, it's time to think about how to pair it with shirts, ties, and shoes...

Groom StyleSource

This groom kept it classic and simple, but added some fun with the gingham shirt.

Groom Style2Source

Here we see some other colors used - purple and grey.

Groom Style3Source

This guy paired his suit with a white shirt and light blue tie. I like.

Groom Style1Source

I'm loving the brown shoes on this groom and how he added some personality with the socks!  I also love how the bride tied in the deep blue color with her earrings and heels.

I'm not really sure how to coordinate it so that my groom and his guys all go together. I also don't want the guys to have to buy any more items, so I'm thinking we could have them wear white shirts and then get different ties - they could all be similar colors and shapes, but with different patterns. Or we could have everyone wear their own different-patterned or plain blue shirts and do a simple navy tie. Option #3 would be to keep it more simple with white shirts and the same ties. For the shoes, we'll ask them all to wear their own brown leather shoes.

navy mismatched tiesSource

What do you think? How are your men coordinating?

On another note, we are about to order the proofs for the invitations. I can't wait to see them in-person!

The Evolving Color Scheme

My wedding colors from nine months ago, post here, are a little different from my wedding colors today. Over the months, with all the decisions, I realized I was gravitating towards different colors. It was sort of a natural progression when I went through picking things like flowers, wedding party attire, invitations, etc. So what better time to take a second look at the colors and make sure everything is looking just right?! The bridesmaid dresses are still going to be mix-and-matched creams and tans, just a little darker than the original off-white I had in mind. We switched it up with the suits and are going to go for navy! I like it because it's a little different and sort of a nice in-between as far as formalness goes.

Color Change2

Source: left, right

Let's see how they look together...





I'm also throwing in some hints of a soft lavender.

Color Change3


And for the tables, we'll stick with the tans and lavender, and spice it up  with some additional flower colors - other shades of purple, blue, green, some white and off-white to balance it out, along with mercury glass.


Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.27.35 PM

Color Change1


It's hard to believe we're just four month out from the big day!

The Wedding Suit

For me. it was never a question of suits vs. tuxes, it's simply always been which suit (or suits...I'm not in to the boys matching, so I'd like them to each have their own unique suit). In my dream world, all the boys in the wedding would look like this: However, I know that JB is so far from being in to these kind of suits that for him to even glance at this picture would be a miracle. So, I've pulled myself away from hoping that the boys look as if they stepped out of an Italian magazine and am beginning to try to find some more reasonable suit inspiration.

With my whimsical theme and just general taste, I won't be having any black at the wedding (I just don't really do black). So that means brown, camel, khaki, beige...suits for the men, which are a little harder to come by than a nice fitting black suit. Here's where I need your help, where do I find great, slim fit suits for my boys? I've seen (which is SUPER neat) but their color options are limited. Do you have any other suiting suggestions?

It's VERY important to me that the boys' suits fit them well, (I mean, slim cut shoulders, skinny legs, shorter blazer), but it is hard as heck to find suits like this for a reasonable price. Let me know what you've found, because I'm floundering in the world of Men's Warehouse without any luck!

Here is what I'd like the boys to look like (in my *slightly* more realistic dreams):

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four

Do you feel the same way? Have you struggled to find reasonably priced, modern suits for the men in your wedding. Are you having the boys match, or simply giving them parameters for a mismatched grouping?

P.S. The dress fitting was GREAT! It was the correct dress, all of my accessories worked flawlessly and there are only minor changes to be made. I was starting to think I had buyers remorse, but when I put the dress on, I loved it all over again.