The Evolving Color Scheme

My wedding colors from nine months ago, post here, are a little different from my wedding colors today. Over the months, with all the decisions, I realized I was gravitating towards different colors. It was sort of a natural progression when I went through picking things like flowers, wedding party attire, invitations, etc. So what better time to take a second look at the colors and make sure everything is looking just right?! The bridesmaid dresses are still going to be mix-and-matched creams and tans, just a little darker than the original off-white I had in mind. We switched it up with the suits and are going to go for navy! I like it because it's a little different and sort of a nice in-between as far as formalness goes.

Color Change2

Source: left, right

Let's see how they look together...





I'm also throwing in some hints of a soft lavender.

Color Change3


And for the tables, we'll stick with the tans and lavender, and spice it up  with some additional flower colors - other shades of purple, blue, green, some white and off-white to balance it out, along with mercury glass.


Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.27.35 PM

Color Change1


It's hard to believe we're just four month out from the big day!

Pink & Gold Tidbits

gold-pink I'm a nut about the organizing my Pinterest boards, and I most definitely pride myself on how good my boards look. I decided to organize my pins by category in a wedding planning process. For example, thinking about escort cards? There is a board for that. How about place settings? Oh ya, definitely a board for that. And even photography must-haves.

What do you guys think? Is that the best way to organize them or do you have a different system?

As I was organizing my pins, I noticed I'm definitely gravitating toward some subtle pinks and metallic gold. No surprise there. What a wonderful color palette. Here are some of my recent and most favorite pins of the moment.


pink-gold-fashionCredits: Marshmallow Cakes, Ruffle Cake, Florals, Earrings, Dresses


When Was The Last Time You Didn't Like Neon Pink?

I recently purchased a neon pink crossbody bag. Despite the major sale, I was concerned that in a short time it would be out of style and the bag would find a place sitting in my closet to collect dust. When I told this to my husband his response was, "When was the last time you didn't love neon pink?" Of course my response was "umm, never." And just like that my decision to keep the bag stuck.

And so comes my lesson of the day. Your wedding day shouldn't be about trends or styles. With every detail from your wedding, think, when was the last time I didn't like this? If you have loved it forever, chances are your love affair won't be ending anytime soon.

Location Inspiration

As someone who is engaged, I'm asked all the time what my 'theme' is. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning figuring out what my theme was because I didn't want to restrict myself to one thing. The more I thought about my theme, I realized that without really consciously trying to come up with one, I already had! I would say my 'theme' is simply, the location. From the very beginning I knew I wanted to incorporate local elements whenever possible - from the decor to the cuisine. With our wedding location being in near Mt. Hood, we will be surrounded by great views, pear orchards and fields of lavender (not all at once, but you get the idea).

Source: Erica Ann Photography, lower left, lower right



Source: left, top right, lower right

Source: His & Her Photography, bottom

All these local inspirations were part of the reason I was drawn to our location in the first place, so it seems like a natural fit.

Did you use your wedding location to drive elements of your wedding or did you come up with a different 'theme' entirely?

COLORY: Radiant Red

Time to go red here at The Colory. For me, red is one of the toughest colors to work with, so I love when a team of vendors can make it look so darn good! Mixing red details with some calming colors such as cream and gold are the perfect way to add the perfect amount without going overboard. What do you think?? Is this a fun fall color or what?!

Source: Lipstick, Drinks, Macaroons, Drinks, Cake, ShoesPopsicles

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COLORY: Cheerfully Yellow

Planning a spring 2013 wedding? This is the perfect palette for spring love and bright days. Doesn't it just make you oh so cheerful? This one has all sorts of yellow hues, but I can't wait to share my mustard favorites with you all as well. There is just so much you can do with this color.

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THE COLORY: Peach Wedding Inspiration

Let's get started with this fun little peach palette! Peach is such an amazingly beautiful color and one that we oh so love! Don't you agree?? What do you all think of this new column?? Would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and what colors you would like me to feature in this column.

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COLORY: Simple Seafoam

One of my favorite things right now is the color Seafoam. I'm totally obsessed with this simple and calming color. I think it is the perfect color for a wedding. Here are some fun details that fit the seafoam simplicity. Hope you all are loving this much column as I'm loving sharing them!

Introducing Our New Series {THE COLORY}

I've been a little quiet over here. Luckily these fabulous E&I brides have been holding down the fort talking about the pretty weddings they are planning while I work on kicking things into high gear over here. The site is going through a re-design and re-development, so you can expect lots of new things coming to this here inspiration hub in the next few months.

Columns + Series are going to be a fun new addition to this blog, and I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeves.  Today we are starting with a new color series I like to call "The Colory". Think of it as the place to go for all things color!

Fall is upon us which means changing color palettes and beautiful weddings in lush color palettes. Luckily for us, gold is in all year long and actually makes a perfect fall color. Check out this fabulously gold mood board filled with plenty of ideas to incorporate a little something shiny into your wedding day plans.

Source: Cake, Packaging, Sarah Seven, Drinks, Cupcake, Invitation Suite, Shoes, Gold Animals, Chairs

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