Showering the Bride {themes}

When I was home over the holidays my cousin offered to host a bridal shower for me! I am beyond excited that I will get to have a shower in my home state and get to see so many of the ladies who will be at my wedding a few months later. The next thing she asked me was what kind of shower I wanted to have, themes, etc. And to tell the truth, I had never thought of this before...I mean I know showers have themes and their own unique flair, but I had never thought about how mine would be. I will be happy with some great ladies around me, a fun game or two, and something to eat and sip on. But, of course, I started some searching to get inspiration. Whether you are planning a shower for someone or looking forward to your own, it is fun to look at all the creative ideas.

Being a lover of perfume, I think this Coco Chanel, French-themed shower is pretty darn cute. And before you start thinking that this is way too over the top - Yes, it is a 'shoot' (not a real shower), but adorable nonetheless.

Guests could mix their own scents.


I don't think I was a Girl Scout long enough to be qualified for this shower, but wow, so awesome!


How about this tiki-themed shower. So fun!

These ladies did flower arranging.


Love the how they took the traditional pink flamingos and turned them gold!

And here we have a 60's-inspired fete.


Are you having a 'themed' bridal shower? Did you do something related to your wedding?

Location Inspiration

As someone who is engaged, I'm asked all the time what my 'theme' is. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning figuring out what my theme was because I didn't want to restrict myself to one thing. The more I thought about my theme, I realized that without really consciously trying to come up with one, I already had! I would say my 'theme' is simply, the location. From the very beginning I knew I wanted to incorporate local elements whenever possible - from the decor to the cuisine. With our wedding location being in near Mt. Hood, we will be surrounded by great views, pear orchards and fields of lavender (not all at once, but you get the idea).

Source: Erica Ann Photography, lower left, lower right



Source: left, top right, lower right

Source: His & Her Photography, bottom

All these local inspirations were part of the reason I was drawn to our location in the first place, so it seems like a natural fit.

Did you use your wedding location to drive elements of your wedding or did you come up with a different 'theme' entirely?