Showering the Bride {themes}

When I was home over the holidays my cousin offered to host a bridal shower for me! I am beyond excited that I will get to have a shower in my home state and get to see so many of the ladies who will be at my wedding a few months later. The next thing she asked me was what kind of shower I wanted to have, themes, etc. And to tell the truth, I had never thought of this before...I mean I know showers have themes and their own unique flair, but I had never thought about how mine would be. I will be happy with some great ladies around me, a fun game or two, and something to eat and sip on. But, of course, I started some searching to get inspiration. Whether you are planning a shower for someone or looking forward to your own, it is fun to look at all the creative ideas.

Being a lover of perfume, I think this Coco Chanel, French-themed shower is pretty darn cute. And before you start thinking that this is way too over the top - Yes, it is a 'shoot' (not a real shower), but adorable nonetheless.

Guests could mix their own scents.


I don't think I was a Girl Scout long enough to be qualified for this shower, but wow, so awesome!


How about this tiki-themed shower. So fun!

These ladies did flower arranging.


Love the how they took the traditional pink flamingos and turned them gold!

And here we have a 60's-inspired fete.


Are you having a 'themed' bridal shower? Did you do something related to your wedding?