Deep Red Wedding - Captured by Picotte Photography

Does Picotte Photography ever stop with the incredible candid and artistic wedding shots? Apparently not as witnessed by this incredible shoot we have for you today. She just wows me everytime with her wedding features!

The pre-shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are priceless. Those gardens are fantastic and quite the "photo setting"!

The deep red roses match her wedding colors perfectly without overwhelming the setting with color.

I really have no words for this incredibly amazing setting. It's just an amazing backdrop for your wedding day!

Again, just no words. The details, the food, the colors, all very rich and very inviting. Quite the amazing reception spot.

And what a great ending to a night! Those embarrassing but priceless photos of guests that end up all over blogs...amazing!

Thanks so much to Picotte Photography for this amazing feature :)

Ps- I loved Picotte so much I used her image as my header. Amazing isn't it?