Lifting the Veil

As I haven’t found a dress yet (but did go shopping again – more on that to come), I am still a long way from choosing my veil. But on my recent dress shopping excursion, I noticed that every bridal shop employee, in what I assume is an attempt to seal the deal, puts a veil on your head as soon as you express even the slightest interest in a dress. Maybe seeing the entire package makes a bride-to-be more likely to commit? Hasn’t worked on me yet, but it did get me thinking about veils and what I like and don’t like. Out of the gate, my favorite veil is the mantilla. Technically, a mantilla is a lace veil worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb, popular with women in Spain. It's also often associated with devotional practices among Catholic women. However, in the bridal world, mantilla veils are circular-shaped and rest on top of the head. The outside edges of the veil are covered with lace that frames the face.

I think my 12 years of Catholic schooling might have influenced my preference here. I just think this is such a beautiful look! But it could be hard to wear this type of veil with certain dresses, specifically dresses with a competing lace pattern or a more modern dress.

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I also love birdcage veils, mostly because they just seem incredibly less fussy than a traditional veil. But I also like that they immediately give off a vintage, sexy vibe – a bride with some spunk!

And if you want to go even more non-traditional…

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If I don’t go with one of the above options, I'll likely pick a more traditional elbow or finger-tip length veil. I think the chapel and cathedral veils are stunning, but maybe a little too elaborate for me.

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And of course there is the option of no veil at all. I’ve been to several outdoor ceremonies where the veil blows off and the bride ends up putting it aside, and she still looks just as beautiful and radiant. Plus they are not the cheapest accessory. Veils can run north of $300 at bridal boutiques. I’ll be scouring Etsy or even DIY options before making a purchase for sure.

Will you be wearing a veil on your wedding? Tell me about it!