Tori Spelling’s Inspiring Event (Yellow, Gray and White!)

Today I am showing off a bit of inspiration from Tori Spelling & Dean Mcdermotts’s vow renewal ceremony. There were a few things about this event which really caught my eye! First of all, it is imperative to know that I am beyond obsessed with the Gray, White and Yellow color combo! Seeing this just made my day because when someone does this color combo well, it is just a non-stop love fest. First of all, I LOVE this photo area with a typewriter for all to express their love! :) There is a shed space at my venue which is really ugly. This would be a really good solution to covering up that wall, and it is such a great idea! Plus I would love to give people a chance to type something if they so wish.

Cutest favors ever! Just darling! I bought a few of these trays but with a zebra print bottom. I was going to place all the favors or the place cards in them which I feel would be a great touch. I know it will work because Tori Spelling already did it!

That sign they made is just darling! Ok, I'll stop giving you all the spoilers and let you take a look for yourself! Enjoy!

Source: Kiss the Groom