From Wedding to Home: Frames

Here I thought frames would be an incredibly unique idea for a wedding, but frames have jumped to the next level and become wall art in homes as well. I quite like the idea of a wall of frames, filled with pictures or not. It just goes to show that home decor can be just as unique as wedding decor, and when you are striving for a unique wedding, shouldn't your home fit your same tastes?? Well, here we go with another idea of how you can use your wedding decor as home decor after the fact. Save some money, freshen up your home, and take a green approach to your wedding!

Source: Centsational Girl, Coastal Living

I happen to be an extreme fan of chalkboards, engagement shoot props, and unique wedding ideas-well, here you have all of the above wrapped into one pretty package! Have fun with these on your wedding day, engagement shoot, etc.  You can hang them in your home after the wedding to remind you of all that your day meant.

Source: Fabrice Grover

How about the simple approach of incorporating frames into your wedding photos. Hey, you could even frame one of the photos in the frame you used....just an idea!

Source: The Nichols

How are you going green and reducing the waste from your wedding?? Is any of your wedding decor going to find a pretty spot in your home afterward??