The Cake {table}

There are a few wedding traditions that I've never cared much for, the garter toss, receiving line and...the cake. I know that might infuriate some people, seeing as that most people would give their left arm for cake, but I've just never really liked cake. Unfortunately (for me...not for my guests) JB LOVES cake, so although I've tried many times to talk JB in to having a stacked cake made from cheese wheels and an array of mixed berries (cheese and berries are my favorite indulgence), it looks like we'll be having a cake. Although I don't really like eating cake, I do love the way some cakes look which is why I am most excited about working with whoever makes my cake to design their look and feel (I want to do a few small cakes rather than a large stacked one). I am ESPECIALLY excited about the cake table. Being only 21 means that my furniture collection is rather limited, so I would love to buy a piece for the cakes that i could have in my house after. Some of these are WAY out of my price range (see the west elm dining table), but a girl can dream.

Here's what I want my cake table to be like...except with cakes, of course:

Pottery Barn clockwise from top left: one, two, three

World Market clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four

west elm clockwise from top left: one, two, three

What are you doing for your cake table? I need some affordable ideas!

{from Wedding to Home} Beautiful Backdrops turned Whimsical Wallpaper

By the time my wedding photos surface I probably will have leaked some very important pieces that probably should remain a secret. But that is the beauty of me being my own boss, I get to do whatever I want. I have been utterly obsessed with the idea of starting a series of posts after the wedding about using all my wedding decor and turning it into the most perfect home decor. I love recycling decor as much as I love the idea of putting a bit of attention on the homefront which desperately needs some L-O-V-E.

So here is the big reveal of a very importance piece of wedding gossip, it's really quite juicy, as well as the reveal of my already-favorite series of posts, from wedding to home. I used book pages in the wedding. I won't spoil where, but let's just say, it definitely turned into a major portion of inspiration, though it was a very last minute decision. How I got the idea for it was actually totally weird. I thought about the idea of making a headboard out of book pages. The inspiration flew and before I knew it, I was up to my eyeballs in book pages and old books for my wedding. Funny how things just work out.

I decided to revisit the idea of the bookpage headboard and fell in love with an even better idea, book page wall!

These two images alone sold me.

I then started looking around a bit more and thanks to the lovely inspiration from my fave wedding blogs, I feel in love with yet another idea. Ribbon.

Book page wall, bookpage room, Ribbon table, ribbon wedding

How totally incredible would it be to have the back wall behind the bed and headboard as a flowing wall of ribbon. Seeing as all my furniture is white, I could add a little color with this and make it dreamy and fancy all at the same time.

I am now in a major pickle. Ribbon or Book Pages.

I am going to go with book pages and here is why. I have thousands of book pages. I have already done the work on the book pages and there is no point in re-inventing the wheel just yet. And so begins my first transformation project turning my book pages from the wedding into wallpaper for my room.

Apparently the DIYing doesn't stop after the wedding is over. No indeed.

Wish me luck! I am treading unknown territory as of now.


{Inspiration} Home Decor

I spent the last week moving. It has taken me away from the computer a bit more, but no need to worry, I am making great headway on the wedding planning for sure! More about that soon! As I have said before, I absolutely love taking home decor and transferring it into wedding decor (then straight back to home decor for dual uses!).

I wanted to show off a little of the home inspiration and I am grabbing from because I am of course only getting items that can be dual used for my wedding as well. This has given me a whole new burst of wedding inspiration cause it is new and different and the ideas are most definitely unconventional. Which, if you know me, us exactly what I love!

These colors and textures are definitely what I am looking for in terms of wedding decor and the feel I want. I take home decor photos and look for those little details such as shelves, books, lamps, coffee table decor, etc. and those are the things I definitely plan to dual use! I love that I have similar style for both the home and the wedding, talk about green and reusable! Are you incorporating any items into your wedding that you plan to use afterward for your home?

Home Inspiration-Translating to Your Wedding

Inspiration can come from anywhere, right? Most definitely. So, I have created a home inspiration board which can translate into a wedding color palette. Seeing as I plan to re-use all my wedding decor as home decor after the fact, I have found that using home inspiration inspires me in a totally unique perspective to wedding details! I want the feel of my wedding to be very comfortable and completely detailed oriented. Looking around at all types of inspiration from home, to fashion, to babies, etc. has helped me branch where I come up with ideas for the wedding from some nursery I saw. Point is, people have good ideas all around, so when you broaden the amount of inspiration you can pull from, the product is always a far more detailed and unique wedding!

From Wedding to Home - Wine Crates

I mentioned earlier this week about how I was going to reuse my wedding decor for a home makeover after the wedding! Well, here is a tip for you to do so. Wine Crates work perfect especially for vineyard weddings. The uses are endless as you can decorate your space by  add your favors or place cards in them or standing your cake on one for an extra touch. Depending on your budget, you could use one for each centerpiece by placing your centerpiece items inside the box. Either way, there really are quite a lot of options wedding-wise!

After the wedding, these are one of the most multi-purpose items you could have. Use them to store items on high shelves which will hold a bunch of clutter, but all that will be seen is the exterior of this beautiful and rustic crate. Also use them to create shelving or as planter boxes.

Source: Apartment Therapy,

For a price tag of about $20,you have yourself a beautiful and rare addition to your wedding, then you have something which can be used constantly in your home! Enjoy!

Found this store online, but you can also check out local vineyards or supply stores!

PS: Check out the full reuseable post here and check out the past edition about Pitchers!

Monogram Mugs

I definitely have a point behind this post which I will be posting more about shortly! The gist of it is the practicality of using multi-functional items for you wedding, then go ahead and give your house a mini-makeover after the fact! Today, the great house addition is "Monogram Mugs".

Source: Snippet and Ink, Style Me Pretty, Land Lock Bride

These mugs really do add a great addition to any wedding. There are so many things you can do with these and so many ways to enhance your wedding by adding a personal touch! I personally love the idea of using them as planters. So adorable!

Now, what to do with them after the wedding??

Source: Young House Love

These are some decor options for sure, but of course the most practical way to use them after the fact would be to drink your coffee from them! These decor ideas are so cute, and you can keep a little part of your wedding in your home when it is all over!