for the tech savvy bride {Learnist}

Well, it's approaching the big day and there are so many little details to take care of! (Welcome bags, vendor checks, final dress fittings.... should i go on?) I cannot believe I only have a handful of Engaged and Inspired posts left! Can you believe I'm getting married in 19 days!?!  I'm trying to keep everything organized and together, but the days are flying by.

Enter my new discovery, Learnist! Ok, so full disclosure, my bestie and bridesmaid, Shana, (who recently got married herself) works for Learnist in San Francisco. She's been telling me it's a great resource for wedding planning, but of course, here I am less than 30 days from my wedding, just getting to it. But since I checked it out, it's such a cool way to play and and plan for a wedding, and guess what - Oprah's blog thinks so, too:)
When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many moving pieces, Learnist allows you to curate entire "learn boards" with links, information, and pictures. You can find Engaged & Inspired on Shana's Wedding Central learn board. I even made a this one I affectionately call "How this bride stays so fit & sexy."  Which is of course dedicated to all of us brides who are trying to be in the shape of our lives for our big day ;) So there you have it- another fun way you techy brides can get more wedding DIY inspiration! So get learning... and planning, too.;)

{from Wedding to Home} Beautiful Backdrops turned Whimsical Wallpaper

By the time my wedding photos surface I probably will have leaked some very important pieces that probably should remain a secret. But that is the beauty of me being my own boss, I get to do whatever I want. I have been utterly obsessed with the idea of starting a series of posts after the wedding about using all my wedding decor and turning it into the most perfect home decor. I love recycling decor as much as I love the idea of putting a bit of attention on the homefront which desperately needs some L-O-V-E.

So here is the big reveal of a very importance piece of wedding gossip, it's really quite juicy, as well as the reveal of my already-favorite series of posts, from wedding to home. I used book pages in the wedding. I won't spoil where, but let's just say, it definitely turned into a major portion of inspiration, though it was a very last minute decision. How I got the idea for it was actually totally weird. I thought about the idea of making a headboard out of book pages. The inspiration flew and before I knew it, I was up to my eyeballs in book pages and old books for my wedding. Funny how things just work out.

I decided to revisit the idea of the bookpage headboard and fell in love with an even better idea, book page wall!

These two images alone sold me.

I then started looking around a bit more and thanks to the lovely inspiration from my fave wedding blogs, I feel in love with yet another idea. Ribbon.

Book page wall, bookpage room, Ribbon table, ribbon wedding

How totally incredible would it be to have the back wall behind the bed and headboard as a flowing wall of ribbon. Seeing as all my furniture is white, I could add a little color with this and make it dreamy and fancy all at the same time.

I am now in a major pickle. Ribbon or Book Pages.

I am going to go with book pages and here is why. I have thousands of book pages. I have already done the work on the book pages and there is no point in re-inventing the wheel just yet. And so begins my first transformation project turning my book pages from the wedding into wallpaper for my room.

Apparently the DIYing doesn't stop after the wedding is over. No indeed.

Wish me luck! I am treading unknown territory as of now.


{Weekly Recap} The one where my blog and life are crazy busy!

The last couple weeks have been pure insanity! After finishing up the Fashion Show I had to clean-up,  go through all the photos, etc. etc. Before that was even finished, it was suddenly moving day, so I was wrapped up in packing/moving/unpacking/sorting through boxes to find my other shoe (which I still haven't found anywhere!) On top of that, we have been meeting with brides to do their event design! Oh and I am writing for a slue of blogs, online mags, etc. now too. Oh and, aren't I supposed to be finding a venue and planning a wedding? Weird because I haven't even had time to think about that! Definitely hectic, but SO much fun! So, onto to the blog recap now that I am done telling you my busy schedule. If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen the tough questions I have been asking "Better venue or more people at your wedding?" "Refined Winery or Rustic Ranch?" And no, I am not just asking random questions, I am taking questions that I can't answer for myself and throwing them to you guys....consider yourselves the decision makers of my wedding! (haha how awesome would that be if you guys did all the decision making, for real) So, I took it to the blog and gave the three options of venues I am looking at. I was overwhelmed by the comment love I received and all the answers that everyone chimed in! It has definitely made my decision easier since everyone is bringing up incredibly great points for me to take a look at! So, thanks to everyone who responded, and  make sure you add in your answer as well!

Next up on the list is the A-MAZ-ING giveaway I have going on right now! Create a bridal look (dress and whatever accessories you love) and enter to win a vintage hair piece and matching earring from Lottie-Da Designs! Check out all the details at and send in your submissions.

I had bridal showers on my mind, so I had to make a cute little pink and green bridal shower inspiration board! I have since decided on doing a Bridal Shower Brunch, so we'll see what comes of that! Cute idea though, right?

Though I have already  professed my obsession with Vera Wang many times over, I decided to do it once again to show off her latest Spring 2011 collection, including the dress-of-my-almost-dreams! (If I could get the Diana or Dorothy dresses out of my mind for longer than a second!)

I had the opportunity to feature a wedding with the most fun looking guest list ever!  I gotta hand it to an incredible photographer, none other than Aaron Shintaku, for capturing some incredibly fun (and probably also embarrassing) photos from this wedding! Not to mention the fact that the bride was definitely rocking the vintage look, which just makes this whole wedding that much more enjoyable!

Oh for the love of florals! Centerpieces really get to me for some reason. It's pretty much an obsession of mine. This centerpiece post is no different! I'm loving all the different options I have with this little detail of the wedding :)

Speaking of florals, this wedding by Picotte Photography had some of the best florals ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh and if you want to fall in love with a wedding venue, this place is a great one to fall for!

To end the round-up of the week, let's talk about the sign-in table! That is yet another thing I happen to be OBSESSED with. I came across an amazing idea involving no table at all actually! Instead, I plan on using an antique cabinet and hanging the place cards on the doors. Which leaves all the shelves for some pretty fun design opportunities!

So there you have it! I would love to hear from all of you about these ideas and any others that you are adding to YOUR wedding design! What is hitting you like a massive brick of inspiration??? Oh and do you follow me on Twitter? Cause you should be...I'm just saying! I love chatting it up with all of you brides and hearing about your lives as well! And don't forget that Engaged and Inspired offer event  design services too, so you can most definitely e-mail to get a quote for event design!