for the tech savvy bride {Learnist}

Well, it's approaching the big day and there are so many little details to take care of! (Welcome bags, vendor checks, final dress fittings.... should i go on?) I cannot believe I only have a handful of Engaged and Inspired posts left! Can you believe I'm getting married in 19 days!?!  I'm trying to keep everything organized and together, but the days are flying by.

Enter my new discovery, Learnist! Ok, so full disclosure, my bestie and bridesmaid, Shana, (who recently got married herself) works for Learnist in San Francisco. She's been telling me it's a great resource for wedding planning, but of course, here I am less than 30 days from my wedding, just getting to it. But since I checked it out, it's such a cool way to play and and plan for a wedding, and guess what - Oprah's blog thinks so, too:)
When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many moving pieces, Learnist allows you to curate entire "learn boards" with links, information, and pictures. You can find Engaged & Inspired on Shana's Wedding Central learn board. I even made a this one I affectionately call "How this bride stays so fit & sexy."  Which is of course dedicated to all of us brides who are trying to be in the shape of our lives for our big day ;) So there you have it- another fun way you techy brides can get more wedding DIY inspiration! So get learning... and planning, too.;)