Bride Advice & Sneak Peak

I can't believe that my final post here on E&I is here. We had an amazing wedding day with our family and friends and feel so blessed. After going through this process and experiencing the day of, here are a few tips to keep in mind as a soon to be bride.

  • Everyone will tell you make sure to enjoy your day. But how do you do that? My groom and I made sure to take a walk around our venue just the two of us to check out all the fun that everyone is having. It makes all of the planning feel worth while.
  • As the bride everyone is going to be looking at you. This also goes for anything that might happen throughout the day. Your guests, family and friends will be looking to you to gauge their reaction. So with that said keep a smile and be light hearted. Your guests will only make a big deal out of something if you do.
  • Be sure to designate someone take all of your gifts, left over food and desserts home with them. For us we had everyone over to enjoy the left overs, rehash the night and opens our gifts.

And here is a sneak peak for you to enjoy. I will be back to share all of the fabulous photos that Cinzo Photography captured at during our day.