{Inspiration} Home Decor

I spent the last week moving. It has taken me away from the computer a bit more, but no need to worry, I am making great headway on the wedding planning for sure! More about that soon! As I have said before, I absolutely love taking home decor and transferring it into wedding decor (then straight back to home decor for dual uses!).

I wanted to show off a little of the home inspiration and I am grabbing from because I am of course only getting items that can be dual used for my wedding as well. This has given me a whole new burst of wedding inspiration cause it is new and different and the ideas are most definitely unconventional. Which, if you know me, us exactly what I love!

These colors and textures are definitely what I am looking for in terms of wedding decor and the feel I want. I take home decor photos and look for those little details such as shelves, books, lamps, coffee table decor, etc. and those are the things I definitely plan to dual use! I love that I have similar style for both the home and the wedding, talk about green and reusable! Are you incorporating any items into your wedding that you plan to use afterward for your home?