Lights and Love: Nighttime Inspiration

Before I get in to all the details that everyone always asks about like the venue, the dress, colors…and my obnoxiously overzealous list of potential DIY projects, I want you to get a feel for the atmosphere I’m aiming for (I’ve been told I’m a big picture person…so here goes all of my big picture thoughts).

For me, flowers aren't incredibly important (especially because my wedding will be at night...who can see flowers at night anyways?). So my focus for the wedding is on creating a dreamy atmosphere with candles...lots and LOTS of candles.

P.S. My ultimate wedding dream would be to release TONS of floating candle lanterns...thanks Texas for your constant state of extreme drought. I guess I'll have to settle for floating candles in the pool.

Do you have and neat nighttime inspiration? 

Clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

P.S. The floating luminaries above (number eight), I bought a few of them and somewhere near 100 paper lanterns...these are the best deal, a TON of votives and instead of pillar candles (which are CRAZY expensive), I bought these.

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Home Inspiration-Translating to Your Wedding

Inspiration can come from anywhere, right? Most definitely. So, I have created a home inspiration board which can translate into a wedding color palette. Seeing as I plan to re-use all my wedding decor as home decor after the fact, I have found that using home inspiration inspires me in a totally unique perspective to wedding details! I want the feel of my wedding to be very comfortable and completely detailed oriented. Looking around at all types of inspiration from home, to fashion, to babies, etc. has helped me branch where I come up with ideas for the wedding from some nursery I saw. Point is, people have good ideas all around, so when you broaden the amount of inspiration you can pull from, the product is always a far more detailed and unique wedding!

From Wedding to Home - Wine Crates

I mentioned earlier this week about how I was going to reuse my wedding decor for a home makeover after the wedding! Well, here is a tip for you to do so. Wine Crates work perfect especially for vineyard weddings. The uses are endless as you can decorate your space by  add your favors or place cards in them or standing your cake on one for an extra touch. Depending on your budget, you could use one for each centerpiece by placing your centerpiece items inside the box. Either way, there really are quite a lot of options wedding-wise!

After the wedding, these are one of the most multi-purpose items you could have. Use them to store items on high shelves which will hold a bunch of clutter, but all that will be seen is the exterior of this beautiful and rustic crate. Also use them to create shelving or as planter boxes.

Source: Apartment Therapy,

For a price tag of about $20,you have yourself a beautiful and rare addition to your wedding, then you have something which can be used constantly in your home! Enjoy!

Found this store online, but you can also check out local vineyards or supply stores!

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