Home Inspiration-Translating to Your Wedding

Inspiration can come from anywhere, right? Most definitely. So, I have created a home inspiration board which can translate into a wedding color palette. Seeing as I plan to re-use all my wedding decor as home decor after the fact, I have found that using home inspiration inspires me in a totally unique perspective to wedding details! I want the feel of my wedding to be very comfortable and completely detailed oriented. Looking around at all types of inspiration from home, to fashion, to babies, etc. has helped me branch where I come up with ideas for the wedding from some nursery I saw. Point is, people have good ideas all around, so when you broaden the amount of inspiration you can pull from, the product is always a far more detailed and unique wedding!

From Wedding to Home: Seating

I happen to be a big fan of adorable seating at weddings. Whether it is chaise lounges, wooden benches, Victorian chairs, or just adorable couches, the seating arrangement at a wedding can keep the space feeling comfortable and well decorated. Having a lounge area as part of the cocktail reception is a great way to allow guests to relax and mingle a bit, and will keep them from getting antsy while you take your wedding party photos. Nothing will replace the feeling of being in an comfortable and equally gorgeous space at the wedding. Source: The Knot

How can you turn your "wedding lounge" from wedding to home, without dragging your very own couch collection to your wedding venue?? Try something like purchasing a lot of adorable throw pillows to place on rented couches. The end result is a great little lounge space, decorated mostly with cute pillows, and a fairly inexpensive budget for the space.

If you plan to get wooden benches for your wedding, you could purchase a few of them (often found for about $50 at places like Ikea or Target) and use them to create an amply seated backyard area after the wedding. It may seem like a lot, but adding a few benches in the front yard and in the backyard would look nice and provide all the seating you may need.

Source: Made By Girl, Real Simple

These pillows are adorable and would look great at a wedding as well as at home! Be creative and fun with the colors and patterns, throw pillows will add instant decor and draw the attention to these inexpensive yet great looking decorations!

Monogram Mugs

I definitely have a point behind this post which I will be posting more about shortly! The gist of it is the practicality of using multi-functional items for you wedding, then go ahead and give your house a mini-makeover after the fact! Today, the great house addition is "Monogram Mugs".

Source: Snippet and Ink, Style Me Pretty, Land Lock Bride

These mugs really do add a great addition to any wedding. There are so many things you can do with these and so many ways to enhance your wedding by adding a personal touch! I personally love the idea of using them as planters. So adorable!

Now, what to do with them after the wedding??

Source: Young House Love

These are some decor options for sure, but of course the most practical way to use them after the fact would be to drink your coffee from them! These decor ideas are so cute, and you can keep a little part of your wedding in your home when it is all over!

Going Home

While planning the wedding, I am also interested in finding and moving into a bigger house which will then need to be decorated. So, I want to find unusual wedding items like the above, that not only create a personalized wedding space, but can then go into our house as decor there. It poses an interesting and fun problem as I have to think outside the box a bit, but I am also opening up a realm of decor that isn't normally tapped in the general wedding plans. Plus, I can always be reminded of the wedding and all the different parts by having the details of it as house decor :)

I think I can do it without getting too crazy, so I created a bit of a decor plan for the house as well as for the wedding. So far so good!

Photo Source: Pillows, Mantel, Sugar, Board, Vase