Party Down {size}!

Well the wedding party anyway. Right after we got engaged, Derek and I quickly decided on our wedding party. We knew that for our own sanity (not wanting to deal with the friend politics of putting a label on who our "best" friends are) and for the aesthetic we wanted for our wedding photos, a small wedding party was the best option for us. On our wedding day I will have my sister and cousin (who is like another sister) by my side.  Derek will have his two brothers by his. This was by far the easiest wedding decision we have made thus far, and I couldn't be more excited about keeping it in the family.

My bridal party will be like the photo below from my cousin's wedding, except this time I will be the one in white.

 Source: Stacia's Photography

A little history of the origins of the wedding party:

Historically, the wedding party was the group of gentlemen who helped the groom to capture his bride. The first usher and groomsmen job was to help the groom fight off the bride's attacking family. Later, women joined the party to assist the bride in decorating for her wedding feast and dressing for her wedding. Initially the women all wore the same attire as the bride because it was thought to create a protective circle around her. My, how times have changed...

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 As most brides say, I want my bridesmaids to wear a dress that they will actually want to wear again, so I would like to go a less traditional route for my bridesmaid dresses. I love the mismatched bridesmaid trend, but I'm not really sure how I could pull that off with only two ladies.

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I also know that even though I am not having sixteen bridesmaids, I would still like my friends to be a part of our wedding in some creative way. Whether that means joining me to get ready or a pre-wedding photo shoot.




Did you have a small wedding party? How did you incorporate all of the people who are important to you?

Mismatched 'maids: Update

Warning: spoiler alert! As you may recall, I told you way back in December that I'd be letting my girls pick their own bridesmaids dresses.  I honestly thought it would be really easy for them to find a dress since I gave such a wide range of options but only half of the girls have found one and we're just over 2 weeks away from the wedding.  EEK!  However, the half that have found dresses are ah-ma-zing.  Take a look below to see how they all look together.  I'm in love!  Each one really fits the individual style of the girl wearing it and yet they somehow all work together.

I've given the 3 remaining girls until this Saturday to find a dress and send me a pic and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they find.  It was especially important to give them a deadline as I am not planning on having them carry bouquets during the wedding and the accessories I've already purchased for them should somehow look cohesive.  If after the other 3 have bought their dresses and I realize my original idea doesn't work out, I will have to scramble for a Plan B!

Mismatched 'maids.

The mere utterance of the words "bridesmaid dress" can evoke cringe-worthy images of dated dresses with tacky fabrics, unflattering colors or ill fitting styles. Of course, this is (usually) not the case anymore as bridesmaids' dress fashion has come a long way over the years. There are many wonderful dress options to choose from these days but I'm not quite sure that the promise of "You can wear it again" will be able to regain its credibility any time soon...what do you think? Luckily for me, I have no desire to follow the tradition of having my girls dressed the same, so I'm letting them select their own dresses.  That means the pressure of having to choose a dress that everyone likes is off...  *phew!* My girls are all beautiful, unique and fabulous in their own ways and I want their dress selections to showcase that.  I've given them a few basic "guidelines" to follow when selecting their dresses but other than that, it's up to them.  The pictures below make me absolutely giddy and represent my vision for my mismatched 'maids.  Check out my Pinterest page for more bridesmaid dress inspiration!  PS:  Brownie points for whoever can spot Allison in one of the pics ;)

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