Mismatched 'maids.

The mere utterance of the words "bridesmaid dress" can evoke cringe-worthy images of dated dresses with tacky fabrics, unflattering colors or ill fitting styles. Of course, this is (usually) not the case anymore as bridesmaids' dress fashion has come a long way over the years. There are many wonderful dress options to choose from these days but I'm not quite sure that the promise of "You can wear it again" will be able to regain its credibility any time soon...what do you think? Luckily for me, I have no desire to follow the tradition of having my girls dressed the same, so I'm letting them select their own dresses.  That means the pressure of having to choose a dress that everyone likes is off...  *phew!* My girls are all beautiful, unique and fabulous in their own ways and I want their dress selections to showcase that.  I've given them a few basic "guidelines" to follow when selecting their dresses but other than that, it's up to them.  The pictures below make me absolutely giddy and represent my vision for my mismatched 'maids.  Check out my Pinterest page for more bridesmaid dress inspiration!  PS:  Brownie points for whoever can spot Allison in one of the pics ;)

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